These 18 Celeb Couples Have Age Gaps You Wouldn’t Believe


FeaturedCouplesThere is an old saying that age is just a number, and for the most part, that reigns true. As long as both parties in a relationship are of a legal age, it is perfectly acceptable in the eyes of the law. And while that may be the case, we can’t help feel a tad strange when someone is dating someone twice as old as them (or more!) and vice versa. And while everyone is free to do what they want in terms of their relationships, their age gaps will likely shock you, especially when it comes to number 10.

#18 R Kelly and Halle Calhoun

001--18-r-kelly-and-halle-calhoun-203032Starting off this list we have the most recent relationship on this list. Rapper R Kelly has had a long history with women, but this newest relationship of his is definitely among the strangest. The 49-year-old Kelly had recently begun dating Halle Calhoun, who is only 19 years old, that’s a massive 30 year age gap.
#17 Sam Taylor-Johnson and Aaron-Taylor Johnson

002--17-sam-taylor-johnson-and-aaron-taylor--203666Despite Sam being 49 years old to Aaron’s 25, they seem to be doing fine. Aaron says he doesn’t even notice the 14-year gap as his older wife has a very young soul. And he seems to be telling the truth as the two of them have children together and it seems to be working. They are also one of the few couples where the woman is older than the man, and another one appears at number 12.

#16 Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Baldwin

003--16-alec-baldwin-and-hilaria-baldwin-7259ebdc38d8496621ea6ee31ecdeb2dAlec Baldwin is one of the best-known actors in Hollywood and was in a long marriage with Kim Basinger. But after that didn’t work out, he married a woman who is a quarter of a century younger than her. But even with the massive age difference, things seem to be going great for them.

#15 Robin Thicke and April Love Geary

004--15-robin-thicke-and-april-love-geary-d9ff3d2a9dee06b97075e9b5e9d3da21Robin Thicke was part of a very very publicized divorce over the last few years, which can never be easy. He has recently started dating a woman who is around half his age.While the age gap might seem like a lot, it has nothing on the gap between the couple in our number 14 spot.

#14 Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones

005--14-michael-douglas-and-catherine-zeta-j-64e501dbcebf6c322e290464d5df904aWhile the age gap between the 71-year-old and his 46-year-old bride is quite large, it hasn’t slowed them down one bit. The two mega stars have been together for 15 years and counting. Despite some small setbacks, they look to be just as strong as ever. This next couple is king and queen of Hollywood right now…
#13 JayZ and Beyonce

006--13-jayz-and-beyonce-e3958b790caae7e665bddd6ee1dc8126This couple is without a question the biggest power couple in music, and maybe in the entertainment industry as a whole. And despite their age never really being brought out, JayZ is actually 12 years her senior. However, Beyonce isn’t the only Knowles sister to have a thing for older men, which you’ll find out in the 16th item on this list.

#12 Bruce Willis and Emma Hemming

007--12-bruce-willis-and-emma-hemming-be00e241de76f357062430a9866571d7The 23 year age gap for Willis and Hemming doesn’t seem to bother them. Willis was single for around a decade before meeting Emma, and he said that ever since he started hanging out with her, she has changed his life and is much happier now than ever before. This next couple is pretty weird to look at…

#11 Bennet Miller and Ashley Olson

008--11-bennet-miller-and-ashley-olson-203678Ashley Olson is one-half of arguably the most famous twins in the world, along with Mary-Kate. Ashley is currently dating an Oscar-nominated director who is two decades older than her. But Ashley isn’t the only Olson that likes them older, as you’ll find out in the final entry of this list.

#10 Dominic Purcell and AnnaLynne McCord

009--10-dominic-purcell-and-annalynne-mccord-203680These two famously dated from 2011-2014, but then called it off for one reason or another. But after some time apart, the couple whose age gap is 17 years said they had worked through their problems and rekindled the relationship, let’s hope the second try goes better for them. We all remember this next power couple…

#9 Woody Allen and Soon-Yi

010--9-woody-allen-and-soon-yi-c1c42eb58fecfab0f81927d65af068c3This one is just plain weird. The age gap of 35 years is shocking, but the story behind it is much more shocking. Soon-Yi was actually Allen’s ex-wife’s daughter. But when they broke up, he basically decided to marry the woman who was basically his daughter. Way to make it even more creepy, Woody!

#8 Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart

011--8-harrison-ford-and-calista-flockhart-203684These two met at a 2002 awards show and were married 8 years later. To be honest, they probably look like the most “normal” couple in terms of their age, but Ford is actually 22 years older than his bride. They both look amazing for their ages, 73 and 51 respectively. But that’s because Harrison Ford isn’t a human and never ages.

#7 Joan Collins and Percy Gibson

012--7-joan-collins-and-percy-gibson-203686Now we have finally gotten to one of the only examples in which the woman is older than the man on this list. And she definitely is, by 32 years. Collins has been married five times but that doesn’t slow them down as the two claim to be soulmates. I guess age is really just a number when it comes to true love.

#6 Jason Statham and Rosie Huntington-Whitely

Screenshot - 10_10_2016 , 6_09_41 p_mAction hero Jason Statham definitely comes off as one of the toughest guys in Hollywood but also has a soft side. Statham started dating his model girlfriend in 2010 and the two became engaged in 2016. Statham is 19 years her senior, but that doesn’t bother them one bit. This next couple has to be the cutest of them all…

#5 Dick Van Dyke and Arlene Silver

014--5-dick-van-dyke-and-arlene-silver-a91f798892168fa463606730664b23d4This is a true example that age is just a number, and love can’t count. Dick Van Dyke, who is an absolute legend in show business and is getting close to his 90th birthday, is married to a woman less than half his age. He is married to Arlene Silver, who is 44, which means the two have a 46 year age gap.

#4 Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox

015--4-brian-austin-green-and-megan-fox-44ba75173e4b6388d5c0293b53120808Megan Fox is definitely one of the most beautiful women on the planet and has been dating Brian Austin Green since 2004. Green was 30 and Fox was 18, which got them a lot of negative press at the time. But the two have remained together for over a decade regardless of what the press had to say about it.

#3 Alan Ferguson and Solange Knowles

016--3-alan-ferguson-and-solange-knowles-203694And while her sister has a 12-year gap between herself and JayZ, Solange managed to one up her. The 29-year-old Solange is with a man 23 years older than her. But despite the gap, the two look perfect for each other and are very happy together. This next couple shouldn’t surprise you that they are on the list…

#2 Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris

017--2-hugh-hefner-and-crystal-harris-203696Now this one is insane. Hefner is the creator of Playboy and has had his fair share of younger women in his time, but now he has married one. The 30-year-old Crystal Harris has married the 90-year-old Hugh Hefner, which means he is triple the age of his wife. And last but not least, we saved the best for last…

#1 Olivier Sarkozy and Mary-Kate Olson

018--1-olivier-sarkozy-and-mary-kate-olson-f5246d9ef362383bc59713f22543e80fWhile a few couples have a bigger age gap than these two, few of the couples on this list are more shocking to see. Sarkozy is a rich french banker and brother of the former President of France and Olson is a former child star and actress, and the two are married, despite a 17-year gap.

So there you have it, as you can see, Hollywood actors and actress have no problem with dating someone dozens of years older than them. I guess once everyone is considered adults it’s all free. But you can’t tell me something about a 90-year-old dating a 30-year-old or a 49-year-old dating a 19-year-old doesn’t give you the creeps? But the surprising this is that most of these couples have been together for years and years, so things are obviously working out for most of them, and I hope they continue to do so.