These 12 Terrifying Photos Show The World Ending Before Our Eyes

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Whether we like it or not, the world is deteriorating. One of the biggest debates out there (despite scientific consensus) is global warming. Despite what some “experts” may claim, most scientists agree that global warming is definitely real, it is definitely thanks to human activity and it is definitely ruining the world. But it’s not just our climate that’s trying to usher in the apocalypse. There are a number of other problems that are hurting our world such as hunger, poverty, war and so much more. In just 12 photos, we’ll see the world ending before our very eyes.

Warning: Some of the photos in this article are serious and sad, but they are the harsh realities for some people in the world we live in.

#12 Goodbye Polar Ice Caps


It has been proven time and time again that the world is getting warmer and one of the areas hardest hit is the arctic. The ice caps are melting at an alarming rate and this is horrific not only for the animals but also for people. This could cause a major increase in ocean levels, which could flood coasts and islands.

#11 The “Dead” Sea


While the 2016 Olympics in Rio seemingly went well on TV for the viewers, it was a different story behind the scenes. There were a ton of problems there such as poverty, crime, and even pollution. In this photo, you can see hundreds of dead fish floating in the water thanks to pollution in the area.

#10 Overpopulation


This picture may look like something out of a dystopian movie, but it is actually an aerial photo of New Delhi, a city in India. The country is home to 1.3 billion people, and this photo shows just how polluted it is, and how congested the entire city is. People are practically living on top of each other!

#9 Super Unsanitary Playgrounds


This photo comes from the country of Bangladesh and shows two children playing on what appears to be a mountain of garbage. They are in one of the most polluted and dirty places on the planet and every day, tons and tons of toxic waste is dumped all around them. And they’re not even the most polluted country in Asia …

#8 Chinese Pollution


While pollution and air quality issues are a problem all over the world, there is likely no place that has it worse than China. This photo shows you just how the bad the pollution is in the country. You literally can’t see more than a few feet in front of you.

#7 Massive Oil Spills


This photo comes from an oil spill in Thailand, but there are dozens of similar pictures from other oil spills all over the world. Oil spills in major bodies of water are a huge problem and are ruining the ecosystem. While some of these get media coverage, a lot of them don’t. Oil isn’t the only thing troubling our waters. Click to the next slide to see what we mean.

#6 Rivers of Garbage


While this may look like a dump, it is actually a literal River of Garbage. This little canal is located in Manila and just looks like a horrific place for people to live around. In fact, it is expected that plastic will outweigh fish in the oceans by 2050, which needless to say is pretty awful.

#5 No, Those Aren’t Clouds


While this image may look like some nice foam or a cloud-like substance, that couldn’t be further from the truth. This is actually toxic waste run-off in India. Obviously, toxic run-off is extremely deadly and this formation actually occurs in a body of water which accounts for 70% of New Delhi’s drinking water.

#4 Bees Are Dying


If you have been on social media in recent weeks, you have likely learned that bees are slowly but surely going extinct. There has a been a bee problem for years — They are dying much too fast. Bees help fertilize a third of the food on our planet, so if they die, we are in a heap of trouble. The next slide shows that not even iconic landmarks are immune to pollution.

#3 Mount Everest Trash


Mount Everest is one of the true natural beauties in the world and thousands of people try to climb it every year. Unfortunately, a ton of these climbers often leave their garbage and waste all over the mountain, which is a true disgrace. If people are visiting an area like this, they should know to clean up after themselves. The next slide features a famous location that isn’t even inhabitable.

#2 Chernobyl


Without a doubt, one of the biggest disasters in the history of the world was the Chernobyl accident. Despite the accident happening around 30 years ago, the area surrounding the accident still is suffering from residual damage and radiation, which can actually give people cancer. This event was responsible for a catastrophic loss of both live and environment. Of course, the next slide looks at an even more catastrophic nuclear disaster.

#1 The Atomic Bomb


Pretty much everyone learns about the horrific atomic bomb attacks on Japan during World War II at school. These attacks killed hundreds of thousands of people and left a lasting impact on the area and the people who live there, for years and years after the attacks. While the problems in these slides are man-made, this one takes the cake, and there’s a reason the U.S. hasn’t used nuclear weapons since.

As we warned, some of these photos were likely difficult to see for some. They show a darker side of our world. But just be glad that you looked at them on a computer screen and can quickly exit. For millions of people around the world, things like what occur in these photos are what they experience in their day-to-day lives. And while they are not easy to look at, they need to be seen. Everyone needs to do their part to save our planet and the people living on it, even if you yourself aren’t directly or negatively affected.


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