Then and Now: The Child Actors of Desperate Housewives


Screenshot - 24_10_2016 , 3_56_17 p_mFor the better part of a decade, the popular TV show “Desperate Housewives” dominated Sunday night TV. The show was one of the most watched in history and won numerous different awards from Emmys to Golden Globes and more. In addition to being critically acclaimed, this show launched the career of many different actors, both young and old. While the seasoned actors on the show received the most praise, there were numerous talented actors play children on the show. But with the show being off the air for years, what have those children been up to? Well, let’s find out. You’ll be shocked at what the 10th entry has done since the show.

#18 Andrea Bowen

001--18-andrea-bowen-393240The first actor we will look at is Andrea Bowen. Bowen played Julie Mayer on the show, and critics loved her. She won two SAG awards for her performance in the show. Since being done with “Desperate Housewives”, the 25-year old has starred in G.B.F and throughout her career, she has appeared in other shows such as “One Tree Hill”, “Law and Order” and more.
#17 Mason Vale Cotton

002--17-mason-vale-cotton-393536Vale Cotton is now 13 years old and is without a doubt best known in show business for his role as MJ Delfino. Since that role, he was also cast as a child actor in another amazing show, “Mad Men.” He is still very young, so look for him to have a very long career in the business as he already has two big roles under his belt.

#16 Cody Kasch

003--16-cody-kasch-393557Kasch had the role of Zach Young on “Desperate Housewives” and did a very good job. His acting was good enough to secure his roles on “Criminal Minds” and “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.” However, the now-28 year old got in some trouble during his time on the show as he was arrested for marijuana possession at 17, but the charges were later dismissed.

#15 Shane and Brent Kinsman

004--15-shane-and-brent-kinsman-393603The now-17-year-old twins secured roles as Porter and Preston Scavo on “Desperate Housewives.” They appeared in seasons one through four and have also appeared in the Cheaper by the Dozen films. But the two have now retired from acting to focus on school. This also isn’t the only time brothers had roles on the shows, check out the 13th entry for proof.

#14 Kendall Applegate

005--14-kendall-applegate-393607On the fifth and sixth seasons of the show, Applegate played the youngest member of the Scavo family and is now 16 years old. While she is probably best known for her role as Penny Scavo, she has also appeared in a few short TV movies and shows. You may remember this next stud…
#13 Charlie Carver

006--13-charlie-carver-393638On seasons five through eight, Carver played Porter Scavo. The now-27-year old actor must have done a good job as he secured roles of popular TV shows such as “Teen Wolf” and “The Leftovers.” In the next entry, you’ll meet his brother, who also starred in the show.

#12 Max Carver

007--12-max-carver-393644Like his brother, Max Carver also played the role of a Scavo brother, as he played Preston on the show. And just like his brother, he has also gotten roles on “Teen Wolf”, “The Leftovers” and more. Look out for Max and his brother to have a good future in acting as they have been solid in everything they have been in.

#11 Joshua Logan Moore

008--11-joshua-logan-moore-393696Joshua Logan Moore played yet another one of Lynette Scavo’s son on the show, as he had secured the role of Parker Scavo from the fifth season to the eighth season. He is now 21-years old and in 2008, Moore had a big role as he appeared alongside Angelina Jolie in Changeling.

#10 Darcy Rose Byrnes

009--10-darcy-rose-byrnes-393706This seems to be a growing trend here is YET ANOTHER Scavo child. The now 17-year old actress played Penny Scavo in the final two seasons of the show. Since then, she has found a lot of success as she now works for Disney and voices Princess Amber on the show “Sofia the First.”

#9 Rachel Fox

010--9-rachel-fox-393708Rachel Fox played the role of an illegitimate child on the show, who went on to join the Scavo family. She is without a doubt best known for her role on this show, but the 19-year old actress also has some other impressive shows on her resume such as “iCarly”, “The New Adventures of Old Christine”, and more.

#8 Shawn Pyfrom

011--8-shawn-pyfrom-393729Pyfrom was one of the longest-tenured actors that portrayed a child on this show as he played the role of Andrew Van de Kamp from 2004-2012. Since then he has gone on to voice Lionel Griff on the Disney show “Stanley”. He has also recently been public about his past struggles with drugs.

#7 Joy Lauren

012--7-joy-lauren-393771Joy Lauren portrayed Danielle Van de Kamp on “Desperate Housewives” and was successful in the role. But this wasn’t the only role for the now-26-year old as she has also appeared in “Private Practice”, “The Closer” and “Still Standing”. Check out the next entry to see a man who played another member of the Van de Kamp family.

#6 Sam Page

013--6-sam-page-393774Despite looking young and playing a teenager on “Desperate Housewives”, Sam Page is actually a 39-year-old man. But that didn’t stop him from playing the role of Sam Allen to perfection in the show. And since appearing in the show, he has acting credits that include “1915”, “Selfless” and more.

#5 Madison De La Garza

014--5-madison-de-la-garza-393777De La Garza had the role of the lovable Juanita Solis on the show and captured the hearts of millions of Americans. The actress, who is now-14 years old, has done a lot of work since the show with Disney. She has appeared in multiple Disney shows including “Sonny With a Chance” and “Good Luck Charlie.”

#4 Cecilia Balagot

015--4-cecilia-balagot-393830On Desperate Housewives, Balagot played Grace Sanchez and was actually the biological child of the last entries parents, but the two were accidentally switched at birth. Since appearing on the show, the 14-year old Balagot has appeared on numerous episodes of “Girl Meets World” and has a bright future ahead of her.

#3 Maiara Walsh

016--3-maiara-walsh-393834Of all the actors and actresses on this list, few have done as much as Walsh, except maybe our last entry. The now-27-year-old played Ana Solis on the show but also has numerous other impressive acting credits to her name. These include “Cory in the House”, “The Vampire Diaries”, “The Secret Life of the American Teenager” and more.

#2 Stephen Lunsford

017--2-stephen-lunsford-393879Lunsford managed to secure the role of Travers Mclain on the show and impressed right from the get go with his acting chops. The 26-year-old has also had other impressive and notable roles on a variety of other TV shows that include “Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight”, “Private Practice” and “Teen Wolf.”

#1 Lyndsy Fonseca

018--1-lyndsy-fonseca-393891Fonseca starred as a young Dylan Mayfair in “Desperate Housewives” but has gone on to achieve massive success in acting, and even had some success before the show. In addition to appearing in “Days of our Lives” prior to “Desperate Housewives”, she also appeared on “How I Met Your Mother” for almost a decade from 2005-2014.

So as you can see, the kids have remained fairly busy since being done with the show that helped launch and legitimize their careers. The experience that they got throughout their time on that show is invaluable, as it gave them a chance to star in one of the best and most popular shows on TV for an extended period of time. There is also a good chance that at least one of these people will go on to be a big star as they learned from some of the best on TV. Only time will tell how these actors progress throughout their careers.