The Killers: If You Think Sharks are Deadly, You Should Read This

A shark is one scary specie lurking in the depths of the ocean. It has many sharp teeth overlapping each other. They constantly lose their teeth but they also constantly reproduce them. Their skeleton is not made of bones rather it is made up of cartilage, s strong and flexible tissue. They have skin like knives, not the regular flat scale you see on other fish. They have a very strong sense of smell, they can smell blood from miles away places, making them deadly adversary at sea.

We have always been forewarned about the danger of shark as we enjoy the sea waters. And why not, they have teeth that can rip your body apart and they have a radar that can discern not only smell of blood but also any part or our skin that we leave behind as we swim. This seems to be a very tricky creature indeed, but there are worse situations or possibility than fearing a shark attack. Here are some list of risks you may not be familiar, an activity that you probably indulge into.

1 – Obesity posts danger to your life.


According to record, this condition kills about 30, 000 people every year. When you are obese, almost all of your body organs are in bad shape. Keeping yourself healthy by cutting down on your food intake and doing regular exercise is the best response to this scenario. Don’t let yourself go. Obesity leads to various diseases and brings down to the floor your self esteem.

2 – Lightning is a taste of God’s wrath.

In a study 10,000 persons die because of lightning. I myself am very much scared of lightning. There is no way predicting where it will land. Tons of volts hitting your body translate to you being burned beyond recognition.

3 – Not so innocent a habit-  texting.


Do you know that texting can kill? In fact based on research we have undertaken, it kills 6,000 people annually. The casualties are actually brought about by texting while driving or by texting while crossing the street. Avoid these practices so you may live longer and save other people too on possible head on collision.

4 – Innocent hippos? Look again.

What you may perceive as a cute creature. Without any clue what peril it holds. In a study, hippos kill an average of 2,900 people  a year. Hippo is one of the top in the world’s deadliest animal.  How does this happen? Hippos are easily frightened and if so they tend to act aggressively especially when they are near their young.

5 – Airplane flight to death.


Some airlines do not follow certain prescribed regulations in treating their employees.  There are many recent report about missing aircraft, suicide plane ride, and sudden plane crash, all these may result to killing of all onboard. The rate airplane crash and kills many is 1,200 persons annually.

6 – Volcano eruption.


A natural disaster such as this kills thousands of people in just one strike.  With global warming happening, a chance of volcanoes erupting is high. In the most recent study, it is said to have killed 845 persons annually. To those living near mountains or volcanoes, you have a reason to be scared.

7 – Autoerotic asphyxiation can be deadly.


The whim of some people to add excitement their sex life ends rather catastrophic. Avoid incorporating practices that involves restriction of air supply to the body. Our brain can only last so long without oxygen coming in. According to records, death is 600 people annually due to this sexual activity.

8 – Black Friday mayhem.


The chaotic shopping experience we often experience every black Friday can go worst for others; a sale sometimes can cost a life. According to news, about 550 people die annually due to this yearly event. So to all readers, it is ok to maximize sale periods but be sure to guard your safety first and foremost before that Prada shoes.

9 – Falling out of bed is a serious matter.


In the United States alone, data shows that the yearly rate of people dying because of falling from the bed is 450 persons. You can be sleeping one moment and gone forever the next. How do we  prevent this? Putting your bed on the side wall may actually decrease the chances of you falling. Another idea is to put some brackets on the sides of your bed to act as barriers for you not falling off.

10 – Bath tub can turn from relaxing to mortifying.

About 340 people gets killed in a bath tub every year. What appears to be a casual and inviting end of day dip in the bath tub can bring you to your peril. Alertness and precaution is the key. Minimize candle lights and please do not snooze in to sleep while relaxing in your tub.

11 – A friendly deer is not so friendly after all.


A deer can look adorable on the outside. It is therefore astonishing to know that it kills about 130 people annually. A deer can turn into a predator when antagonized. It also acts protective around its babies. Make sure you respect their boundaries next time.

12 – Icicles are vicious layer of ice.


In Russia alone, according to research, is killing 100 people every year. This ice formation is so sharp and brittle that it is very dangerous to step into roofing that has one. During winter, it would be wise to check your overhead for icicles and move to other locations without one.

13 – Hot dog can turn into mad dog.


Children are in danger of eating hotdogs. In recent review, it is said to have killed 70 children annually. Choking, intoxication or infections are some of the causes of  death brought about by eating hotdogs, especially with kids.

14 – A tornado is a disaster that claims hundreds if not thousands of lives.


Nowadays, the prediction of where the tornado will land is more accurate than before. It also allows several time to evacuate or go to safety. However it still claims lives, about an average of 60 persons a year dies out of this disaster.

15 – Jelly fish attack.


One of the most deceiving sea creature are jellyfish, they sting without prior notice since they are almost camouflage by the environment. The death toll of jellyfish victims came to a high of 40 persons annually. Know the first aid practice for a jellyfish sting and be cautious where you swim when out in the waters.

16 – Man’s best friend turn mans worst enemy.


Dogs make great pets. One must not forget though that they are animals, they therefore have animalistic instinct like growling or worst biting. They do this when they feel threatened or stressed. Create a healthy environment for them and be on guard for possible retaliation. Over 30 people die out of dog attacks annually.

17 – Ants are the creepiest insect there is.


Ants have many species. All of them are vicious and deadly. Research proves that 30 people die every year due to ant bites. Be in the look out for this small but deadly insect in your household. Have regular pest control done in your vicinity.

18 – Football game turns deadly.


A high school football game is filled with tension, adrenaline and rivalries. Ix these three together and you have a recipe for disaster.   It is said that every year, a number of 30 persons sacrifice their lives in this activity. The enraging testosterone level of both fans and players adds hit to the atmosphere. Accident or even intentional brawling that usually leads to fatal casualties can be helped if we keep ourf cool and sense of sportsmanship. After all it is just a game to be enjoyed by all.

19 – Fatal vending machines.


This may seem neglected by some, but be wary of vending machines. Buying a snack can lead for it to be the last. Around 13 persons die every year while using vending machine. Apparently there are a number of accidents that occur in this commonly used machine. What once look as safe experience for you will now cast some shadow of doubt.

20 – Roller coaster ride to grave.


Around 6 people each year are the unlucky ones who lose their very life in some accident in a roller coaster ride. The thrill of the ride sometimes cause heart attack, on the other hand, malfunction of the ride itself also brings about mortality.

At the end, we found out for you that shark related death only amounts to 5 persons a year. Compare that with the other seemingly safe options or object around you that we mentioned above, you will notice that it is a minuscule risk to take and a nonsense fear to evoke out of shark.  So, we say go ahead and brave the sea while maintaining cautiousness and you will do just fine.

Go back to your fear now, and realize how trivial it was. Share this with your friends that they too will have a change perspective about shark encounter fatalities.

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