The Killers: If You Think Sharks are Deadly, You Should Read This


A shark is one scary specie lurking in the depths of the ocean. It has many sharp teeth overlapping each other. They constantly lose their teeth but they also constantly reproduce them. Their skeleton is not made of bones rather it is made up of cartilage, s strong and flexible tissue. They have skin like knives, not the regular flat scale you see on other fish. They have a very strong sense of smell, they can smell blood from miles away places, making them deadly adversary at sea.

We have always been forewarned about the danger of shark as we enjoy the sea waters. And why not, they have teeth that can rip your body apart and they have a radar that can discern not only smell of blood but also any part or our skin that we leave behind as we swim. This seems to be a very tricky creature indeed, but there are worse situations or possibility than fearing a shark attack. Here are some list of risks you may not be familiar, an activity that you probably indulge into.

1 – Obesity posts danger to your life.


According to record, this condition kills about 30, 000 people every year. When you are obese, almost all of your body organs are in bad shape. Keeping yourself healthy by cutting down on your food intake and doing regular exercise is the best response to this scenario. Don’t let yourself go. Obesity leads to various diseases and brings down to the floor your self esteem.

2 – Lightning is a taste of God’s wrath.

In a study 10,000 persons die because of lightning. I myself am very much scared of lightning. There is no way predicting where it will land. Tons of volts hitting your body translate to you being burned beyond recognition.

3 – Not so innocent a habit-  texting.


Do you know that texting can kill? In fact based on research we have undertaken, it kills 6,000 people annually. The casualties are actually brought about by texting while driving or by texting while crossing the street. Avoid these practices so you may live longer and save other people too on possible head on collision.


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