25 of The Most Romantic Photos of ALL Time

Authors and thinkers take Romance as one of the feelings that are expressive as well as pleasurable because of emotional attraction between two or more persons who have association of love. Romantic pictures, since history have been capturing these feelings. Before camera was not available, artists had frozen those moments in paintings and inscriptions and writers did this in their writings. We cannot ignore the poets when we talk about romance but still the famous saying “A picture is worth a thousand words” has its strength and proven around us. We see complex ideas conveyed with a single and still image. It also suitably characterizes as one of the visualization’s main goals of that makes a detailed explanation possible to be understood quickly through romantic pictures.

There are volumes and volumes written on romance but we take this in general terms that implies an expression of strong romantic love we call it a strong and deep emotional desires for connecting with another person intimately or romantically(period). On one side that love between two life partners which is at its peak when one of them departs and on the other hand is the love for country for which a citizen decides to sacrifice life. There are events when a nurse fell in love with her patient and then a doctor fell in love with a colleague nurse. Then there are brothers where one donated his kidney for the other to save his brother’s life for the sake of love. We can capture all such moments in romantic pictures.

We looked for some rare and famous best romantic pictures in our quest for knowledge and bringing a fathom to understand and appreciate this phenomenon and to differentiate it from a mere lust. Of course, it doesn’t take a lot to show romance but to capture that to freeze the moments takes an expertise. These romantic pictures are inspiring and each is worth thousand words.

1- Times Square, 1945
A Passionate Kiss Without Noticing Who is Watching

A passionate kiss totally unaware of the crowd at the Times Square, 1945 contributes to Romantic Pictures.

2- Riots after Stanley Cup
Thank God, She is OK

Thank God, She is OK, a boyfriend kisses the girl after she accidentally gets knocked down in Stanley Cup riots in Vancouver- Can anything else make her feel better than THAT?

3- Time to Propose
Surprise, Surprise

Daniel’s pleasant surprise made Candyce literally jump on him with joy contributing to romantic pictures

4- Bogart’s Story
Time doesn’t change love… neither it changes you.

Time doesn’t change love… neither it changes you. A 1940’s love-story from the B&W reels and the then Romantic Pictures. The couple Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart first met on the “To Have and Have Not” set. As per the quote “If you want anything, just whistle” from the movie, Bogart had given his “Baby” a bracelet-a charming bracelet, a golden whistle, which was buried with Bogart later when he died.

  5- The Royal Love Story
Royal Love at 13

Well if you are wondering whether royalty has the time for love, here is one of the Romantic Pictures telling the story of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip which started when Elizabeth was just 13, when they first met. The young princess was a victim of the Cupid’s arrow and before long they had a ‘hush-hush’ engagement. Due to her family insistence their love was not disclosed till Her Highness’s 21st birthday after which they got married in 1947.

6- Half Time Turned Full Time
Proposals Can Happen Anytime

She was astonished and swept off her feet by Mike Isiah Beauchamp with a proposal which most girls find ‘sweet and cute’ – during halftime of a high school game!The unexpected burst into happiness with unstoppable ‘happy tears’–an unforgettable day for her and made Romantic Pictures!

7- Some love stories have a lot to tell
The Exciting Volcano

Richard Burton described his marriage with Elizabeth Taylor as an ‘exciting volcano’ as the couple married and divorced twice. Unfortunately their marriage did not work but they could not stop loving each other till the end. Their story will remain caught in Romantic Pictures.

8- Companionship matters, even after half a century
I Have A Steak At Home.

Dance and Laughter! Fifty years of marriage, but not once did Joanne Woodward feel bored of Paul Newman’s company. Instead it was a “real treat” in her words for everyday was different with Paul’s new ways to make her laugh.

9- Mumtaz Mahal, Shah Jahan and Taj Mahal in India
Taj Mahal in India Speaks of Eternal Love
Mumtaz Mahal, The Ailing Wife with Emperor Shah Jahan

Taj Mahal meaning “beloved ornament of the palace”, built for an Indian Empress during the Mughal Dynasty, wife of Shah Jahan, the Moghal emperor.She lived in the years 1628-58AD. She had a very loving and deep marriage with Shah Jahan. A trusted companion, so trusted that that the emperor gave his imperial seal to her. Mumtaz Mahal was considered as the perfect wife with no aims for political power. There was no camera but artists captured that for Romantic Pictures

During her last days, Mumtaz Mahal extracted four promises from her husband: first, to build the Taj; second, that he should go for second marriage after her death; third, be kind to their children; and fourth, visit her tomb every year on her death day. Due to bad health while he was under house arrest by his son and successor to throne, he was barred to keep his fourth promise.

10- Bidding Good Bye to Soldier
It’s always tough to be a soldier’s girl.

Even the cat knows it’s hard to say goodbyes. Look at how the cat looks up to the couple. Perhaps cat too, wanted to say goodbye and caught in one of the Romantic Pictures.

11- Distance Does Not Matter
East or West, love defeats any difference. An inspiration, this couple teaches us to love always.

Two artists, John Lennon from the West and Yoko Ono from the East transformed their physical distance into love and broke the paradigm “East is East and West is West”. They both made themselves a part of romantic pictures.

 12- Christoper Reeve and Dana
Time Challenged the Bond of Love.

Just eleven month after marriage, Christopher Reeve met with an accident which paralyzed him. However during the 4th anniversary celebration, Dana wrote to him that she had no regrets and the hurdles only proved to her that she loved him deeply.

13- A Kiss Upside Down
Kiss is possible in many postures.

The California national guardsmen witnessing the spectacular kiss of goodbye.

14- Send Off to High Seas
Friends Are Helpful to Make it Go

Soldiers always see off their families and then they come back to meet them. each time stories are written. Here some friends made the emotional goodbye kiss more convenient and possible. Thanks to team work and a good colleagues who stand with them till last minute.

15- Off to Front Line
Mother Sees Off Her Son to Frontline

Mothers have always been passionate for their sons. This is Mother‘s goodbye to son, the volunteer for Kurdish Peshmerga forces. The man prepares to leave home for joining other forces on front line in Iraq.

16- When love Means Complementing the Other
Complementing Each Other

Fatima had no legs and her husband Ahmad was without arms. This couple writes the episode “Meant for Each Other” and they are surviving against all odds.

17- When Love Knows Nothing Except Love
She Has No Eyes But She is Surviving

When Emilie Brooklynite met with a severe accident, and even her family abandoned hopes on her rehabilitation, her boyfriend Alan did not give up. He tried communicating through the Anne Sullivan “print-on-palm” way. She responded immediately after he wrote ‘I love you’ on her hand which brought him a new ray of hope.

 18- When Love Does Not Die
Sometimes, love encompasses centuries in ways no one can imagine.

Eung-Tae Lee was buried with these sandals, made from his pregnant wife’s hair along with a letter on his chest. In the letter his wife persistently questioned him as to how he could leave her behind like that.

 19- Tale of Taylor Morris and Danielle Kelly
In Love Arms and Legs Do Not Matter.

Taylor Morris was a Naval EOD specialist. He lost parts of his arms and legs in the explosion of an IED. When he received a Bronze Star with Valor, he said he would have pinned it on Danielle his girlfriend who has been with him throughout.

20- Mrs. Eiffel Tower
Happily Married to Eiffel Tower
Wedded to Eiffel Tower

Erika La Tour Eiffel,  an ex soldier lives in San Francisco, is married to Eiffel Tower and she officially changed her name accordingly. She is fond of the Berlin Wall too and she confirms having a physical relationship and keeps a piece of fence in her bedroom. Some of her friends also attended an intimate ceremony where she pledged love, obey and honor to Eiffel Tower and posed for several romantic pictures.

 21- Mother Bids Farewell
Mother bids farewell

World-war photo (1942) by Mikhail Trakhman where he captured  when Kolkhoz farmer M. Nikolaïeva bids her son Ivan goodbye before his joining partisans.No body knows if he returned back or not. Mother’s feelings for son are worth capturing in one of the romantic pictures.

22- In Memory Of The Then
Once We Were Together Here!

Old days matter when those days just flew away and the partner is no more there. The passionate love reminds the memory of togetherness. Revisiting the place is revisiting those fabulous moments of togetherness. That romantic picture reminds for the memories. This is definitely a collection from romantic pictures.

23- Goodbye Mom
Son and Mom Bidding Farewell

Leaving mom behind definitely makes her feel an “empty-nested” and the child too, feeling “shelter-less”. Romantic Pictures tell that life goes on and we all attend our duties here and there and we are forced to attend those as the responsibility. Human beings are somewhat forgetful and they make their own adjustments with the new upcoming environment and the new given circumstances. This is definitely a blessing otherwise we all keep mourning over the past.

24- Lovers of Valdaro
Together for Ever

For the last 6,000 years, a man and a woman, between 18 and 20 years old were locked in an eternal embrace, all hidden from the world. The small village Valdaro in Northern Italy has been holding them, now exhibited to public first time. There are no signs of violence and possibility is that they died together, in a freezing night holding each other. These are just bones but part of romantic pictures

 25- Last Kiss is One of the Romantic Pictures
Lovers but Held Doing Crime

Lovers arrested but did not hesitate. This picture, an entry for photography competition as “Last Kiss”, was made while New York police arrested them when man was drawing graffiti on a Manhattan building. Later the girl was released but she kept identity of her boyfriend confidential but the ordeal contributed to Romantic Pictures.

These romantic pictures remind us that love doesn’t die. People love their dear ones and near ones and hold them as long as they can for you never know if it is the last kiss or hug. Those short moments are worth cherishing and worth remembering and that is why worth capturing in a camera for future. People go away but love longs for ever in each others hearts.

Romantic Pictures portray love and romance are central feelings in our lives, one of the most central components to human life. Some tried to define those but many of its aspects remain challenged and unexplained as human nature itself is complex and thinking parameters are limited when those are put to test and research. Thinkers and philosophers keep thinking and keep deliberating and keep exfoliating new areas within human nature. If all is explained then our language and its use would limit us from explaining the real essence of those feelings. We keep lumping love for a child, a spouse, a pet, a higher power, a job a good meal, yourself and even family members into just one generic word. Some languages have very precise and specific words for different types of love. We may coin new terms and think about start using “committed love” along with romantic love too and then keep freezing Romantic Pictures in camera.

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