The 12 Craziest Places People Forgot Where They Parked Their Airplanes



While it may be more normal to abandon a car or forget you had it tucked away in your barn after a few years, it’s not so normal to just abandon a plane, and we’re not talking about a small plane that would fit easily in a barn.

We’re talking about huge Boeing 747’s and military fighter planes. Planes that you would think people would notice are missing.

There’s just something fascinating about the mysteries behind how these derelict aircraft ended up where they did. So let’s check out the top 12 weirdest places people found abandoned aircraft, and what ultimately became of them (like the plane-turned-luxury resort on slide #1).

12. Seoul, South Korea


We weren’t kidding when we said that some of these abandoned planes have been converted into other things. In this case, it’s a restaurant! They took an old Boeing 747 and converted it into a must-see destination! If you ever visit Seoul, South Korea would you stop and check out this plane?

11. How, why and where?



Well, this one is definitely going to cause some confusion! We have so many questions we want to ask! For instance, how? How did that plane manage to get between those houses? Did it cause any damage? And, why on earth would you want to land a plane there, let alone just abandon it there? We are open to answers! Let us know what you think happened.

10. St. Augustine



There are currently eight Grumman Trackers from the 1960’s and 1970’s just sitting around and slowly decaying at an airport. The airport is still in use today and was formerly known as St. Augustine. Maybe they have forgotten about the naval bombers, but these airplanes aren’t exactly small. You would think that someone would notice them just sitting there. Why do you think they still have them?

9. Lagos, Nigeria


This plane has been abandoned at the airport in Lagos, Nigeria. Judging by the state it’s in, no one seems to be in any rush to remove it. The Nigeria Airlines company who previously owned the plane ceased their operations in 2003. With no owners around to claim it, do you think it will ever be removed?

8. Mountainside crash landing


Incredibly, there were no fatalities after this plane crash landed. Since it landed on the side of a mountain, making it very hard to reach, they decided to leave it where it crashed! It doesn’t look like much of that plane could be salvaged, not even for parts! Do you think it’s still there?

7. Beached


This plane was abandoned on a beach. Not much is known about how or why this plane ended up there. We can’t understand why anyone would want to leave their plane somewhere other than at an airport. The owner of this plane is still unknown, so why do you think that they decided to leave it there? Maybe they just wanted to catch a wave or a tan!

6. Deserted in the desert



This plane landed somewhere in the desert. It took searchers a long time to track it down because of its remote location. Thankfully, there were no fatalities during the crash landing. With how it looks now, we aren’t too surprised that they just left it there. Even though it has been abandoned, we wonder how long it will take for the sand to completely cover it up. What do you think will happen to it?

5. Wedged in



Do we even want to know what the heck is going on here? This plane appears to be wedged in between two cliffs, with no clear ground to even tow it out. It’s clearly a great photo op for the tourists, but how on earth did that plane get there? Let us know if you have any ideas as to how it got there!

4. Arizona Art


009-4-arizona-art-14b9068bf6e3d34d2d16baff7ac7c905The skeletal remains of this abandoned plane can be found in an Arizona boneyard. It is currently being used as part of an art project. We think it’s great that one of these old abandoned planes is getting repurposed. Do you think that using a decommissioned plane for an art project is better than letting it sit and rot?

3. Athens, Greece


The Ellinikon airport closed in 2001 when they opened the new international airport in Athens. During the transition, they left behind some planes. They left a few of the old Olympic Airlines passenger jets, and somehow they managed to leave behind a Boeing 747. We are thinking someone might have noticed that they are missing one! Do you think someone made a mistake or there was something wrong with it?

2. Vietnam


In 1972, North Vietnamese soldiers shot down an American B-52. The plane ended up crash-landing into Hun Tiep Lake. From the wreckage, it’s hard to tell that it was even a plane that crashed. Vietnamese officials decided, after 35 years, to move the crashed plane to a museum. Would you go to a museum to view the wreckage of a plane crash?

1. Costa Rica


This plane was found abandoned on the side of the road. Maybe not the best place for the owner to abandon it, but it was found and cleverly repurposed. If you are a plane enthusiast, you should start planning your trip to Costa Rica now! The plane was converted into a luxury suite at the Costa Verde resort. Would you pay to stay in a converted plane?

Could you imagine leaving a plane on the beach, beside the road, or just at the airport and never coming back for it? Or what about those people who went through crash landing in the desert and on the side of a mountain! Would you ever want to go back and check out the wreckage, knowing it’s still there? If you’re not up to any of that, make sure you check out the abandoned planes that have been converted in Costa Rica and Seoul, South Korea. And of course, let us know if we missed any cool abandoned planes!