The 12 Biggest Mysteries That Nobody Can Explain


People love mysteries. Throughout the history of the world, there have been many that baffle, surprise and confuse. Some of these mysteries have been solved very quickly, while others have baffled intelligence experts, investigators and scientists alike for decades.

So what makes a good mystery? A good mystery is an intriguing story that grabs the attention of the public, with the added element of the unexplained. While most mysteries are eventually solved, the 12 you are about to read about in this article have never been satisfactorily resolved. These are mysteries that have baffled everyone for decades, especially the mystery that comes in the number 8 spot of the article.


#12 D.B. Cooper


D.B. Cooper is the name given to an unidentified man who hijacked an airplane in 1971. He demanded $200,000 in ransom money, and then parachuted out of the plane. No one has any idea where he ended up or who he was, despite a large, ongoing investigation by law enforcement.


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