#8 Indiana Jones Dog


These types of little dogs are extremely adorable on their own with their fluffy faces, but looking at this guy dressed up as one of our favorite characters of all time is extra exciting. We’re sure that this little explorer is just as good of a guy as the real Indiana!

#7 Taco Dog


What’s better than tacos? Maybe dogs? Well when you combine the two, you get a whole new level of amazing. That could maybe taken the wrong way if you think about it, but a dog in a taco costume is the way that we mean it. I mean, just look at this little guy!

#6 A Second Spidey Dog



This might be the second spider dog to grace our list of the cutest Halloween pet costumes, but we aren’t mad. I mean, can you really ever be mad about a dog in an adorable costume? If so, what’s wrong with you?! To try and decide which dog wore it better would be one of the hardest decisions we’ve ever ahad to make.

#5 Harry Potter Dog



Not only is this costume insanely adorable, but so is the child’s as well. It’s a pretty creative idea to combine a child’s cute costume and the precious one the dog is wearing. Not only is it a really creative idea, but it’s also just insanely adorable! This one is definitely hard to beat!

#4 Bat Cat


Cats never seem to be that into wearing costumes, and this one doesn’t seem to be too excited about it as expected. But that doesn’t ruin the costume in any way. I mean, Bruce Wayne’s a pretty serious guy at times, so the stern look and posture only adds to the great costume.