How To Tell Whether You’re In LUST Or Genuine, Lasting LOVE

Love is a powerful thing, but your feelings can be misleading. Although strong feelings of attraction may feel like you’re madly in love, you may just be in lust temporarily. Knowing the differences between lust and love is vital to see if your relationship is bound to last, but beware of slide #4 — it’s a complete deal breaker!

10. The Urge To Nurture Them Is Strong


If you are just simply lusting after someone, you hope they get better when sick, but if you are in love you will go out of your way to take care of them. Slide #7 will determine if you respect their time!

9. False Appearances Are Meaningless


Being in lust means constantly trying to impress your partner and seduce them. A true, loving relationship is when you can wholeheartedly be yourself, no matter what!

8. Time Flies When You’re In Love

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Celebrating small anniversaries like one or two months may be important when you’re in lust, but true love really makes time seem to move at warp speed. Years go by in the blink of an eye!

7. How You Value Their Time Is Telling


Being in lust means that you get upset or angry if they choose to spend time without you by their side. If you are truly in love with them, you will respect their need for independence and time alone to grow. Slide #5 reveals you want to dive deeper into the relationship!

6. Encouraging Independence Is Crucial

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Lustful relationships may exhibit signs of jealousy and anger if a partner decides to hang out with other people. True love is trusting and flexible, and allowing your significant other to live their own life separate from you is important!

5. Meeting Friends And Family Means It’s More Than A Fling

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Lusting after someone usually means you just want to get them alone. True love involves meeting their close friends and family, and things can be getting serious!

You may be ready to really settle down when slide #2 comes into play!

4. Looks Aren’t Everything When It Comes To Love

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The beginning of a relationship may involve always dressing up to impress your loved one, but as the love progresses you feel comfortable in your own skin. True love is most definitely blind!

3. Being Jaded About Flaws Is Old News

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Being in lust means you are wearing rose-colored glasses—you see no flaws in your potential partner. Being in love with someone means that you truly understand what flaws your partner has, but you accept and love them regardless.

Slide #1 is all about communication!

2. Partying Is Put On Pause

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If you don’t feel the need to go out and you would rather enjoy your partner’s company at home, you may be at the start of a long-lasting relationship. Lust centers around the superficial, whereas real love involves getting to know someone at a deeper level.

1. Fights Are More About Reaching A Resolution

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Being in love means fights become less about being right and more about solving the issue to make your relationship stronger. Those in lust just care about hurting the other person with their words in order to make their point—which is no basis to begin a lasting romance!


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