A Teen Found Kittens By The Side Of A Road But He Didn’t Realize They Weren’t What They Seem

rare-jungle-catsWhat would you do if you find abandoned animals along the way? Especially baby animals without their mother to feed or protect them? The poor creatures could starve to death or be attacked by much larger animals.

Lucky for these animals if they cross paths with an animal lover who has a kind heart and will lovingly take care of them. Just like what a young Israeli teen named Hamdan Shibli did for the stray kittens he found abandoned next to a major city road.

Although he loved animals, it wasn’t an easy decision for him but he took them home anyway. But after he made the decision he was shocked at what happened next. Why? Read on to find out.

14. Ordinary Day

hamdan-shibliIt was just a typical day to for the young 18-year-old Israeli Hamdan Shibli. He was on his way to work walking along his usual route when he spotted something different on this seemingly ordinary day along the busy road. So he went near on what he saw. Little did he know that his life will change after this experience. 

13. Cute Little Things

He saw these ordinary looking dirty kittens on the side of the busy road without their mother. They looked confused and scared.

He felt sorry for the little creatures and stayed a for a bit with them while he thought of how to help these little kittens. He wasn’t going to leave them without doing at least something to help these guys.

12. Something New

bushes-on-the-subwayHe found the kittens by the bushes near the subway, they were crowded together helplessly and immediately thought of helping the poor animals.

So what he did first was to secure their safety by moving them off the path first as they might get hit by the passing cars. The kittens might unknowingly cross the road and get crushed by the passing vehicles.

11. Waiting for Mom

kittens-by-the-bushAfter putting them to safety, Hamdan then decided that it would be best for the kittens to wait for their mother in a nearby bush where they would be protected.

Feeling happy with what he did, he took a couple of photos of the kittens on the bush and posted them on his social media. They looked safe to him but the response he got from his followers shocked him. Let’s find out why?

10. Special Delivery

kittens-on-a-basketHis followers responded by saying that he should bring the poor kittens with him instead of leaving them in the bush. They might get hurt or get sick when they are still so small and helpless.

So he went back as his followers told him and was surprised to see the kittens still in the bush. Then he bought a basket with him, put them inside and brought them to the local vets. He had a better plan for these creatures. Let’s see what will happen next.

9. In Good Hands

wildlife-hospitalWhen he arrived at the vet’s clinic, they talked to him a bit and attended to the kittens. He found out that the kittens had a lot of ticks and were very weak.

But other than that, they don’t have a serious or life-threatening condition. They were in safe hands so Hamdan was relieved. The local vets had a surprise for Hamdan though. Something that even you will be shocked.

8. No Ordinary Cat

stray-kitten-jungle-catWhile the vets were treating and attending the kittens they also discovered that these are not just your ordinary domesticated cats. To the untrained eye, they seem ordinary cats.

But they found out that these kittens were actually a unique species of a jungle cat. Hamdan was surprised and updated his followers who were just as shocked as he is. Sometimes things are not as what they appear to be.

7. Goodbye Kitty

goodbye-kittenSadly, no matter how well-taken care and attended to these jungle cats are one of them was not able to make it and passed away. Who knows how long these kittens were staying on the side of the road and when they last ate. Because of the stress it experienced and it was extremely weak. One cat, unfortunately, passed away as soon as after arriving at the vet.

The two were not as strong but fortunately was able to make it. Hamdan felt sad but was happy that he was able to save the two.

6. Special Care

kitten-at-the-vet-jungle-catsThe two cats were in a much better condition but still needed a lot of attention. They were given the needed treatments and were sent to a specialized animal hospital, one that is more experienced in treating exotic animals.

These cats are going to a new home and Hamdan can’t wait to see what’s in store for these little furry creatures.

5. New Home

wildlife-hospitalOnce they were at the wildlife hospital, the vets discovered that the two cats were brothers and were just five weeks old. They were just more than a few month’s old.

The hospital had staff take care of them round the clock so they will be able to regain their strength and recover quickly. These rare animals needed special attention so that is what the hospital did for these kittens.

4. Yummy Milk

feeding-jungle-catsJust as newly born humans feed on milk so do these little kittens. The two jungle cats were a little underweight and lacking the nutrition so the veterinarians fed them from syringes filled with formula milk that would provide them with the vitamins and minerals they need.

They need to get used being fed with the syringes because it’s the next best thing after their mother’s milk. The kitten doesn’t look too happy but he’ll eventually get used to it.

3. Stronger and More Solids

jungle-cat-eatingAnd once they were much stronger, the cats were able to move on to solid foods, much to the delight of Hamdan. Their eyes also look more alert compared before. The other kitten seems to be enjoying his nutritious meal but looks like the other one has had enough. How adorable can these kittens be?

2. Typical Diet

jungle-cat-foodThen once they were much, much better, the kittens were given the opportunity to try a diet that they would be used to in the wild, and then instantly loved it! Here we can see them clearly enjoying their slice of meat.

Despite the quick progress, the vets were still worried about their welfare and wanted to be 100% sure they were ready.

1. Healthier Than Ever

jungle-cats-playingThe kittens were getting stronger everyday and even enjoy play-fighting with each other. Thanks to Hamdan’s goodness and quick thinking these rare species of jungle kittens were rescued just in the nick of time. They even feel at home and quite comfortable while preparing to move to their natural habitat. Kindness indeed goes a long way.

Whether you’re an animal lover or not, this story pinched our hearts a bit. It’s no longer common for strangers to do good deeds to other living creatures just like what Hamdan did to these kittens. Who would spend time and effort helping out abandoned kittens?

But these seemingly ordinary kittens are surprisingly a rare species of a jungle cat. It doesn’t hurt to lend a helping hand once in a while even to these tiny creatures. After all, they are still God’s creation. Who will you help today?


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