Why Tantric Sex Is The Only Sex You Should Be Having

Sex is awesome. Tantric sex is out of this world. The difference lies in the mindset of you and your partner as you engage in a sexual encounter. It can cause a vast improvement in your body, making you healthier and last longer in bed. And you can get started improving your life with tantric sex right now.

10. When Did Tantric Sex Come?

Tantric sex has been practiced for over 5,000 years, and many people have never heard of it. The art form is at the heart of yoga, and it isn’t some simple and stupid part of it. Tantric sex dives a lot deeper in #9 and is more of a philosophy than a practice.

9. The Tantra Philosophy Of Sex

Tantric sex lies at the heart of the Tantra philosophy of living a life while taking care of our minds, bodies, and spirits. It teaches us to be loving enough to take a holistic, healthy, and expressive approach to ourselves. It has to do with being physical, but not as much as establishing an energy-based connection with yourself and your partner.

8. How To Get Started

The first step to establishing a Tantric frame of mind is to discover your own inner guilt, shame, and limited perspective towards sex. The key is to become less judgemental while accepting additional philosophies and bedroom behaviors. Try to really enhance your curiosities and inhibitions about the traits mentioned in #7.

7. Be In The Moment

Tantric sex is all about opening your mind. It is important to learn about and try to be more accepting of preferences in bed, your undeniable desires, and the fantasies that have been on your mind. The key is to allow you and your partner to forget about everything but being in the moment.

6. Rediscover Yourself

Tantric sex forces us to re-imagine the understanding of ourselves while supporting and being open to new things. The less we judge about ourselves and our partners, the more intimate the experiences with our partners become. The kinds of experiences that can be positively affected will be explained in #5.

5. Transcending Time And Space

Allowing judgmental attitudes to fade can result in more open communication, an intense and real exchange of energy, and an amazing physical experience. This can only come when trust has been established between the participating parties. Once this intimacy and trust have been built, you will begin to discover things about yourself you never knew.

4. What Can Tantric Sex Do?

Tantric sex is meant to prolong the sexual encounter, referred to as a “ceremony,” by increasing intimacy and overall health. When it was practiced in ancient civilizations, people who experience ceremonies that lasted from several hours to several days! “How can I reach this level,” you ask? As you’ll see in #3, it’s easier than you think.

3. Become A Love Guru

The first step is to clear your mind. This is a form of yoga. Forget anything and everything else other than what is right in front of you and around you. Let go of all expectations and do not plan anything. The more time you spend cultivating this sexually charged energy, the stronger your mind will adapt and become.

2. It’s All About Health

These positive experiences will chemically assist your body. HGH, which is a natural hormone that promotes growth, is released to help keep your tissues and organs healthy. It also promotes vitality as it is sometimes referred to as the “Fountain of Youth.” Discover the best benefits of tantric sex in #1.

1. Give It A Go… Now

Tantric sex can also release serotonin to promote happiness, DHEA to increase sex hormones, and oxytocin to promote intimacy. Tantric sex can also improve blood circulation to detoxify the body and strengthen your immune system. Basically, you have no excuse for not wanting to try tantric sex and become really good at it.

Some people feel fulfilled only getting quick sex with multiple partners. This may cause a sense of instant gratification, but it can also have lasting effects on your sexual prowess. We’re not saying sex with multiple partners is wrong, but tantric sex allows us to open up to those partners to increase the overall long-term health of each other.

Give it a try sometime. Prepare your mind and your body before letting go and living in the now. You will find that it becomes easier and easier as your experiences become hotter and longer. Tantric sex will change your life.


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