Taking A Look At The Cast Of Home Alone 25 Years Later

Each generation has a Christmas movie or two that defines it. The Greatest Generation had It’s A Wonderful Life and Miracle On 34th Street. The Baby Boomers had A Christmas Story and National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. Everyone these days has Home Alone.

Every kid that saw Home Alone wished for the opportunity to be stranded and abandoned by their parents who left for the Christmas holiday. We supported Kevin as he took full advantage of being the man of the house. We rooted for him as he set up elaborate traps for the Wet Bandits. Nothing says Christmas spirit like wishing harm upon two people.

But where is the cast of Home Alone now?

10. Hillary Wolf (Megan McAllister)

Hillary Wolf’s film career was short-lived. She played the lead role in Big Girls Don’t Cry… They Get Even along with the Home Alone series as Kevin’s sister. She is also a judoka and represented the United States in judo in the 1996 and 2000 Summer Olympics. Head over to #9 to follow-up on Uncle Frank.

9. Gerry Bamman (Uncle Frank McCallister)

Bamman is best known for his portrayal as Uncle Frank McAllister in the Home Alone series. He played a blind juror in Runaway Jury and guest-starred on a few episodes of Law and Order and Law and Order: SVU. He left the screen to be on stage and was recently cast for the play A Comedy of Manors.

8. Mike Maronna (Jeff McCallister)

In addition to playing Jeff McCallister in Home Alone, Maronna is best known for his role on the Nickelodeon series The Adventures of Pete & Pete. He would snag a few more film gigs including Slackers and 40 Days and 40 Nights and became the spokesman for Ameritrade by appearing in several commercials.

7. Kieran Culkin (Fuller McCallister)

Best known as Macaulay Culkin’s real-life younger brother, Kieran would go on to have a prominent career on his own. His was recognized for his performance in The Mighty and won several awards for the critically acclaimed Igby Goes Down. Check out what Kevin’s older brother Buzz is doing in #6.

6. Devin Ratray (Buzz McCallister)

Kevin’s smart-mouthed and bully of an older brother Buzz spoke a few of the most memorable lines in Home Alone. Devin Ratray’s consistent career landed him supporting roles in the films Surrogates, Nebraska, and Masterminds. In 2015, he had a few television appearances in Elementary, Agent Carter, and Louie.

5. John Heard (Peter McCallister)

Before playing Kevin’s dad in Home Alone, John Heard’s career found him in many roles on the stage and screen. Heard received an Emmy nomination for his guest role on Battlestar Galactica. Heard recently made a guest appearance on the Fox television series APB. What is Kevin’s mom doing now? Find out in #4.

4. Catherine O’Hara (Kate McCallister)

Catherine O’Hara’s career found her coupling up with mockumentary filmmaker Christopher Guest. She gave some memorable, and oftentimes improvisational, roles in Waiting For Guffman, Best In Show, A Mighty Wind, and For Your Consideration. She recently portrayed Dr. Georgina Orwell in two episodes of the Netflix series A Series of Unfortunate Events.

3. Daniel Stern (Marv)

Stern’s character Marv Merchants put the boob in “booby trap.” The bumbling member of the Wet Bandits stands out as one of the most iconic roles of the film. He navigated an extensive film career in the 1990s and has recently been appearing on several television shows including Family Guy and Workaholics.

2. Joe Pesci (Harry)

In addition to appearing in Home Alone in 1990, Pesci won an Academy Award for his part in Goodfellas. In 1999, he retired from acting to pursue his music career. His album Vincent LaGuardia Gambini Sings Just For You is an homage to his character in My Cousin Vinny. Let’s see what Kevin McCallister himself is up to in #1!

1. Macaulay Culkin (Kevin McCallister)

Macaulay Culkin was a force to be reckoned with during his brief film career. After overcoming addiction, Culkin stayed out of the spotlight and has recently been appearing in several independent films including Sex and Breakfast in 2007, The Wrong Ferarri in 2011, and Adam Green’s Aladdin in 2015.


Even though Home Alone has become a Christmas classic, the hilarity can be enjoyed throughout the year. Set up your fake Christmas tree, put some popcorn on the stove, and light a fire in the fireplace. If it’s too hot for a fire, then put one of those yule logs from YouTube on the screen.

Were there any characters we missed that you’d like to follow up on? If you were Kevin’s age and stranded at home alone, what kind of traps would you set up for the would-be burglars? Be sure to share with your friends and “keep the change, ya filthy animal!”


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