Surprising New Leads in the Case of Missing High School Senior


Teenagers tend to have an adventurous spirit. Sadly, sometimes their adventurous tendencies can lead to trouble. This story is no exception.

This is the sad story of teenager Natalee Holloway. She is the eldest daughter born in Clinton, Mississippi. She grew up in a loving family until her loving parents decided to get a divorce. So, Natalee and her brother Mathew were solely raised by their mother. Until her mother got remarried to an Alabama businessman.

Natalee was a grade A student and was active in school. She was a member of a dance squad, national honor society and also participated in extracurricular activities in her school. Let’s continue to find out the real story how she went missing.

12. Graduation and Adventure Trip

Natalee graduated from Mountain Brook Alabama with honors so it is just fitting that she celebrate her milestone. This was the reward her parents gave her. Natalee and former schoolmates were set to go on a trip with her former schoolmates before separating schools and moving to their senior high school year.

On May 26, 2005, Natalee and her one hundred twenty-four schoolmates arrived in Aruba Island. It was a five-day vacation for all the graduates of Mountain Brook school. The group was accompanied by seven chaperones who usually meet the students every now to check on them and make sure they’re safe.

As Natalee and the students settled on the island of Aruba, they also prepared for a party. A lot of underage drinking and wild parties were to be anticipated. Aside from that, there was also a call room switching mixing the female and male students around. Natalee also drank every day as she stayed in Aruba.

Before they left, Natalee and her friends still had time to party. It was then, she met a young Dutch immigrant whose name is Joran Van Der Sloot.  They connected immediately and they left the party with the Dutch man and his two Surinamese friends named Deepak Kalpoe and Satish Kalpoe.

11. Wrong Decision

Joran Van Der Sloot is the son of a well-known art teacher and a lawyer in Arnhem, Netherlands. They have just moved into Aruba in 1990. He was also an honor student and a star athlete when he studied in an International school in the place. His skills and brain automatically attracted Natalee as she is also an honor student herself.


On May 30, 2005, Natalee was seen by her schoolmates just outside the vicinity of Carlos’n Charlies at 1:30 am. She also rode in the car with the two friends of Joran. The following day, the chaperones and schoolmates of Natalee waited for her at the airport, but she didn’t appear. So, they immediately thought that she was missing.

The authorities of Aruba started to search immediately for Natalee. They checked the island as well as all surrounding places where Natalee could possibly stay. They also asked her classmates and schoolmates about her the night before she was lost.

After being told that Natalee was lost, her parents immediately flew to Aruba. After hearing the whole story, her mother decided that the last person that was with Natalee was Joran.  When Joran was asked, he told that he just dropped Natalee off at a hotel at exactly 2:00 am. Aside from that, he also told the authority that she suddenly fell as she exited the car.

10. Potential Suspects

Joran told the authorities that he saw Natalee approaching a man wearing a black shirt while she was heading to the hotel. He immediately thought that it was a security guard to assist Natalee. So on June 5, police authorities of Aruban tracked down and detained Abraham Jones and Nick John who were the security on duty of the nearby hotel where Natalee was last seen.


The authorities also received some reports that the two detained security guards were also known to cruise hotels and pick up unsuspecting women. One of the guards was also involved in illegalities with the law. But still, the suspected men continued to offer solid alibis with the disappearance of Natalee. So they were released without any charges.

With newer leads, the police made an effort to re-open the investigation and link the involvement of Van der Sloot and his friends. They were all arrested for the murder and kidnapping assault of Natalee Holloway. This was a shock but they were still not in custody. The police could not provide strong evidence to detain the men so they still got back to square one.

Through their continuous investigation, the police officials found a 6th suspect named Steve Gregory Croes, a disc jockey. During the questioning, his name was mentioned by Kalpoe and Vander Sloot. Even if the police officials still suspected Van der Sloot, they had to further investigate different angles. The alibi of Croes was airtight. They also brought in the father of Van der Sloot in hopes of the solution to the case.

9. A Confession

The police decided to go back to their previous suspects. The story had just changed when the brothers Kalpoe turned in their friend. The witnesses also claimed that they remembered three men including the Kalpoes dropped Natalee and Van der Sloot at the beach of Marriott Hotel near the huts of the fishermen.

With conflicting stories, the police did not charge Joran and the brothers Kalope. But in November 2007, they were arrested with Joran van der Sloot who were imprisoned and deported back to Aruba where they were charged with the crime.

In February 2008, the Dutch media released a report proving that Joran van der Sloot became involved in the disappearance. The broadcast emphasized footage excerpts from microphones and cameras in Patrick van der Eem’s car. It was Van der Eem who had earned the trust of Joran. They then drove around and smoked marijuana.

According to Joran van der Sloot, he was with Natalee when she suddenly started shaking violently at the beach. After her convulsions, she became unresponsive where he had no choice but to revive her. Daury, his friend, told him of going back home after seeing Natalee’s body.