Surprising Facts About The REAL Slim Shady Eminem Fans Don’t Know

Do you know Slim Shady? Yes, the real Slim Shady. Not all the other Slim Shadys. The real Slim Shady. If you know the real Slim Shady, then please stand up. Please stand up. Please. Stand up. If you don’t know him, then take a seat because it’s about to get real.

When Marshall Mathers III (better known as “Eminem”) burst onto the scene in the 1990’s, he changed hip-hop forever. Despite worldwide fame, there is still plenty to learn about the Detroit rapper.

So let’s take some time and get to know the “real Slim Shady” with these 10 facts. Number seven is almost certainly new to most of you reading this, but nothing compares to the final slide on our list!

10. Eminem Only Read One Book

With a natural gift of rhyming gab, you’d think Eminem is a well-read individual. Well, think again. In 2010, Eminem told Rolling Stone magazine he’s only read one book all the way through. That book? LL Cool J’s biography I Make My Own Rules. It seems like Eminem took those words to heart.

9. Eminem Loves Pills

Drug addictions come in all shapes and sizes. Frankly, it’s not too surprising when a rapper admits they had a drug problem. Even so, Eminem’s story is hard to beat. Back in the early 2000’s Eminem certainly “dabbled” with pills. According to him, he was taking up to 90 a day at one point. As you can imagine, this habit eventually hospitalized him after an especially lethal mixture.

8. His Own Mother Sued Him

Any fans of Eminem know that he didn’t think highly of his mother. However, a lesser known fact is that she actually sued her own son in 1999. According to her, Eminem’s lyrics classified as “slander.” In the end, she walked away with a cool $1,600 and an eternally damaged relationship. If you think that’s surprising, wait until you see what’s next.

7. Eminem Has Some Great Ideas On The Toilet

Some people say they think the best while in the shower. Not Eminem. Apparently, Eminem came up with the idea of his dirty alter ego “Slim Shady” while sitting on the toilet. So put that smartphone away next time you’re in there. You might just be sitting on your next great idea.

6. Elton John Helped Him Beat Drugs

When thinking of Elton John and Eminem, the last word one would think of is “friends.” However, it turns out the two became quite close after Elton helped the rapper overcome his drug addiction. Furthermore, he defended Eminem when the media accused him of homophobia. That’s a true friendship right there.

5. Eminem Almost Killed His Wife With Music

Eminem is famous for his soul-cutting lyrics and he certainly didn’t hold back against ex-wife Kim. Apparently, the lyrics were so intense and damaging, that it nearly caused Kim to commit suicide. The tipping point came in 2007 when she saw Eminem beating up a blow-up doll resembling herself.

4. His Mother Says He Is Mentally Ill

By this point, we know Eminem and his mother didn’t get along. Is mental illness to blame? It is according to her. Allegedly, Eminem was born with a bi-polar disorder which worsened after his daughter Hallie’s birth. Eminem doesn’t seem to disagree. He mentions his own mental issues several times in the track “Monster.”

3. Eminem Cures Comas

Well, not exactly, but Eminem’s music did help a kid wake up from a coma once. In 2001, a young girl named Dione Armstrong was hospitalized after an accident and put on life support. Her mother attributes Eminem’s music to helping Dione fight for her life that night. Amazing, right? Number one is about to blow your mind.

2. Eminem And Mariah Carey Have Bad Blood

You might know that the couple briefly dated in 2001, but apparently, it goes much deeper than that. This is referenced multiple times throughout Eminem’s lyrics. In his classic style, they are particularly insulting. However, why the two hate each so much still remains a mystery. Perhaps an investigation is in question.

1. Eminem Doesn’t Allow Swearing In His House

Eminem doesn’t allow swearing in his house. If you find that hard to believe, you certainly aren’t alone. In a 2010 interview with Anderson Cooper, the rapper said he tries to keep his house profanity-free for his daughters. Hopefully, they don’t listen to any of his records or all that hard work will have gone to waste.

Hopefully you learned something by this point. Don’t forget to share this with all your friends and family to get them in the know!


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