What Is A “Super Orgasm” And How Can I Get One

If you think you have nothing left to learn when it comes to your bedroom game, then you really need to check out this new study.

Prior research into multiple orgasms only shows around 15 percent of women being able to pull off this pleasurable feat. Now, there is a newly discovered ability to achieve one massive super orgasm, and it sounds like something the other 85 percent can get in on.

A new film from the U.K. is now covering a phenomenon where women are experiencing super-charged orgasms on a regular basis. No, it’s not a myth, and there are real-life examples to prove it.

So what is a “super orgasm” and can you get one? Even further, are there any drawbacks to getting one? See if you can make it to the climax of the article before busting your proverbial load.

10. The Super Orgasm

A new report from Self about the Channel 4 film entitled The Super Orgasm follows five women and their quest for orgasm greatness. As a small example, the film features Nathalie, an engineering student who claims to have had more than 60 orgasms in one sexual encounter. We’ll go a little more into the scientific process beginning with #9.

9. The Initial Sex-Periments

Scientists first wanted to measure how easily aroused the subjects became. The initial experiments proved that each woman experiences increased electrical activity and blood flow in their brain when they are triggered. This data is compared to the measurements in the brains of women who do not typically experience such heightened sensitivity.

8. The First Drawback Of The Study

There are obvious drawbacks to the studies performed. First of all, the entire approach takes into consideration the fact that only five women were studied. When a sample is taken, hundreds, if not thousands, of subjects are needed in order to get a strong degree of data. The second drawback was discovered in #7.

7. The Second Drawback To The Study

In addition, there is no concrete data to distinguish the difference between the women who experience the super orgasm from those who only experience the regular old run-of-the-mill climax. It’s a problem that has plagued scientists since the Scientific Method was first created, developed, and implemented.

But that doesn’t mean this study isn’t useful, as you’ll see in the next slide.

6. A Sexual Health Doctor’s Input

Professor Cynthia Graham, Ph.D. of the University of Southampton in England is an expert on sexual and reproductive health. She explains, “The main thing that is important to get across is that this isn’t scientific research.” The documentary caused her to really ponder the question of the difference in orgasms as she describes in #5.

5. What The Documentary Doesn’t Cover

She continued, “While watching [the documentary], I started wondering what’s the difference between super orgasms and multiple orgasms, and the answer I got was ‘not very much.'” The tiny details of the study really depend on the woman and how she is feeling, which isn’t a very quantitative measurement.

4. Are You This Type Of Girl?…

Let’s pretend you are one of the few women who is able to experience a large amount of knee-quivering orgasms each time you have sex. Some women may call this a “super orgasm” while others believe it is simply a small string of orgasms put together. But let’s say you’re the type of woman in #3.

3. …Or This Type Of Girl?

And now for the sake of argument; what if you are one of those women who doesn’t? You should not let this data convince you that these women are somehow superior to you. And don’t believe the “super orgasm” is something you should practice for or aspire to.

2. What Did We Learn?

If you have many, only a few, one, or no orgasm at all, you are as normal as they come. Orgasms or good, multiple orgasms are great, one large orgasm for a sustained period of time is magical.

But what the conclusion of such a study means and how you should apply it to your sexual encounters are the questions we’ll answer in #1.

1. Everyone Is Normal!

We can conclude this study by saying everyone is different. Take into consideration that some people are not able to have sex at all and therefore cannot experience the pleasure of an orgasm. You should take this information with a grain of salt. Sex, like your fingerprint, is different depending on the person and their partner.

The “super orgasm” sounds like such an incredible experience. There is nothing more alluring than sharing a moment of complete satisfaction with a partner you care about. Whether you believe you are one of the few people who experiences this elusive beast or you can have multiple mini-orgasms during sex or you only have one tiny one, maybe, you are not alone.

It’s not a very realistic target to strive for and an even rarer skill to attain. Just be thankful you are one of those people who is lucky enough to have sex at all. That’s what life is really all about.


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