This Study Says Nobody Is Having Enough Sex (Check Where You Stand By Your Age)

For some, sex is not the norm. It is a special occasion, like a birthday or a funeral – that is, it doesn’t happen often and, when it does, it’s usually somewhat disappointing.

However, a current study reveals that sex shouldn’t be reserved for once in a blue moon: it should be a weekly, even daily activity to increase your health. How? #9 has the answers.

10. Often Times, You Should Spend More Time

The Sun

According to a recent study by the Kinsey Institute, the average amount of time people have sex is far less than the recommended amount of time people should be getting it on.

9. It’s A Stress Reliever

Men’s Health

There are many health benefits to sex, but stress relief ranks among the healthiest. If sex really relieves stress, then the amount of stress young people today face must be an all-time high at #5.

8. Age Is The Big Factor


While having sex three times a week is typical for some, it’s unusual for others. The big distinction between the sexually conservative and sexually liberal isn’t just personal preference, but age.

7. The Oldsters

Huffington Post

In the Kinsey study, they surveyed three different age ranges: the old, the middle-aged, and the young.

According to their research, people aged 40 to 49 typically have sex 69 times a year. As expected, the frequency of boning only goes up as the ages go down in #5 and #6.

6. The Middle-Age Hump

Men’s Health

For people aged 30 to 39, the amount of times they should spend in the bedroom increases, but not drastically.

Instead of 69 times a year, the middle-aged should be having sex an average of 86 times a year.

5. Young And Restless

Men’s Health

The youngsters are putting the other age groups to shame when it comes to the sack. On average, a young person should be having sex a whopping 112 times per year!

If that number amazes you, check out the married couples at #2 who top 112 quite easily.

4. The Unlucky 13

Elite Daily

When Kinsey surveyed married couples about the amount of sex they are actually having, the numbers were far less than what couples this age should be having.

Of the couples surveyed, 13 percent claimed they sadly only have sex a few times a year.

3. The Frisky 79

The Sun

Unlike the unlucky 13, the majority of couples fare much better in the bedroom. 45 percent have sex several times a month, where 34 percent have sex two to three times a week.

Yet, while a few times a week is better, #1 reveals that no one is happy with how much sex is going around.

2. The Out-Of-Control 7

The Sun

These married couples have stamina. According to the study, 7 percent of married spouses have sexual intercourse four or more times per week – marathon men and women, all of them.

1. People Want More Sex

Fit Pregnancy

The website “Your Tango” reveals surprising statistics about sex.

According to the site, people say they want sex a minimum of a few times a month, an average of once a week, and a “perfect” amount of three to five times a week.


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