The Story Of These Twins Will Make You Believe In Miracles


Think of the smartest, strongest person you know. There’s a good chance it’s your mom, or at least a mother figure that you know, right? If not, you still have to admit, moms seem to always know the answer, and often times, they end up being right about everything they told you all along.

They say a woman becomes a mother as soon as she finds out that she’s pregnant, and from that moment on, she knows everything she needs in order to provide and take care of her children. Well, Kate Ogg defied all logic by doing the only thing she could for her son when he was born. They didn’t think he was going to make it, but their story will truly make you believe in miracles.


#12 They Were Just An Ordinary Couple

001-12-they-were-just-an-ordinary-couple-f5bd2a56196a12a7a6ccbbdef21a793fKate and David Ogg were an ordinary couple from Queensland, Australia. Like many couples, Kate and David decided that they wanted to grow their family and try and get pregnant! After trying for a few months, they finally found out they were expecting! But this wasn’t the only thing they found out…

#11 They Got Some Unexpected News

002-11-they-got-some-unexpected-news-d8d4dc627284d4a432f1229c230e645aDavid and Kate were shocked to find out that they would be having twins! Not only had they been trying to get pregnant with one baby, but they were going to be having two in just a few short months! And yet, this still wasn’t the only thing that surprised them when they found out they were pregnant!
#10 It Was A Pigeon Pair!

003-10-it-was-a-pigeon-pair-f12d8356c37d950ef439708661d50169David and Kate found out they were going to be having a pigeon pair! This mean that they were going to have one little girl and one little boy! Everything seemed to be going perfectly and they were getting everything they had ever dreamed of having. Until one day, when Kate started feeling ill and was rushed to the hospital.

#9 Things Started Going Downhill

004-9-things-started-going-downhill-72f37ebf0c4a3c96ee45d9cf9325c527Having twins is always a risky scenario. It’s a lot on a woman’s body to carry one child, let alone two! Luckily for Kate, things had been going smoothly throughout most of her pregnancy. That was until she was sent to the hospital. But this hospital trip wasn’t going to end all badly.

#8 She Ended Up Giving Birth To Both

005-8-she-ended-up-giving-birth-to-both-cff4323b009469724dd75e8a0dbf6a4aKate ended up being in labor! She gave birth to both of the beautiful babies, and the family couldn’t be happier. They had one little baby boy, Jamie, and an adorable little girl, Emily. They had seemed to have everything they ever wanted until they noticed something wasn’t right with little Jamie.

#7 Medics Began Intervening

006-7-medics-began-intervening-64294265bd14d90529f3b0719eb1b94dJamie hadn’t been making any noises at all. He didn’t even seem to be breathing either. Although Kate and David had one beautiful, healthy, baby girl waiting for them, they were still suddenly overwhelmed with worry that Jamie wouldn’t be OK. And then they got the news that they had hoped for the least.
#6 Jamie Wasn’t Going To Make It

007-6-jamie-wasn-t-going-to-make-it-f154fe7566a19144b9e3711e895c6002After trying everything they could, Jamie didn’t seem like he was going to make it. The doctors had to tell the couple that Jamie was in fact, deceased and that their little boy didn’t pull through. Kate and David held Jamie close to say their goodbyes. But Kate wasn’t ready to give up on him just yet. She didn’t believe what the doctor’s had to say.

#5 They Held Him Close

008-5-they-held-him-close-0e7d0bf9b23a801e01431be276dc8d21Kate urged David to take his shirt off and get in bed with her. She wanted to hold the baby close to her skin to try and warm him up. They held his cold flesh to their warm skin, telling him soothing things and letting him know how much they loved him. And suddenly, Jamie started doing something that really put a smile on Kate’s face.

#4 Jamie Was Breathing!

009-4-jamie-was-breathing-fb604efc50758458fd398720c6dbfd68Jamie started breathing! He even cracked open his eyes a bit and grabbed onto David’s finger! Kate put some breast milk on the end of her finger and he even sucked it off! The doctors didn’t believe it! They told Kate and David that it was just impulsive movements that take place after humans die. But Kate and David knew he was wrong.

#3 He Almost Didn’t Make It

010-3-he-almost-didn-t-make-it-bbb19771c45697ff84d4497355ffb51bKate knows that if she hadn’t had David get in bed with her, and that if they hadn’t held Jamie against her warm body, he wouldn’t have made it. The doctors almost took Jaimie’s cold, lifeless body away for them to never see again. But instead, Kate’s motherly instincts kicked in and she knew exactly what she had to do to save him.

#2 It Was Because Of Kate

011-2-it-was-because-of-kate-44af655ea5f942e5937b9a472a678ffeNow, Jamie is just fine and hasn’t had any health problems since! Kate wasn’t ready to give up on Jamie and was stubborn to the idea that he was deceased. But she ended up being right, defying the doctor’s orders and disbelieving what he had to say!

#1 They’re All Happy And Healthy

012-1-they-re-all-happy-and-healthy-1682e6e76d916b5756bdf466f3701afcThe family is absolutely perfect now, and they couldn’t be happier. David and Kate even welcomed in another little boy after the twins! At first, they thought they were just going to leave the hospital with one baby that day. But Kate and David weren’t willing to give up, and they knew exactly what to do to save their son.

With so much evil in the world, it can be hard to keep a positive perspective. When a doctor gives you bad news, it can be easy to believe them. They are medical professionals, and sometimes it seems like they might only have bad news to give.

But if we learned anything from David and Kate’s story, it’s to absolutely never give up! Doctor’s are right most of the time, but they’re still humans who can make mistakes. Kate was Jamie’s mother and knew exactly what was right for him. If she hadn’t used her instincts, Jamie wouldn’t be with them today.

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