The Story Of This Child With Learning Disabilities And His Furry Friend Is Going Viral For All The Right Reasons


It is the wish of every parent to raise a healthy, happy child, and there is not much that will stop a parent from achieving that. In the case of 6-year-old Danny Mangold, this is no different.

The adopted son of Dixie Morgan has worked hard throughout his life to overcome his challenging developmental disabilities, and there is nothing Dixie would not do to help him. Due to the love and support from his family along with the help of an unusual new teacher, Danny has had an uplifting breakthrough.

The reason behind his progress is truly moving and bound to bring on the tears.


12. A New Family For Danny

001-12-a-new-family-for-danny-f1c0168871ee7aa8d4f23da003b55d00Danny’s parents were only 17 when he was born. Unable to care for him, they decided to put him up for adoption. Friend of the family, Dixie Morgan, was happy to adopt the baby, however, it did not take long to notice that Danny suffered from extreme developmental disabilities.

11. Difficulty Keeping Up

002-11-difficulty-keeping-up-20e23bde05f5e9b2cdf1b540f159ff04As Danny grew up, he lagged behind his peers. Tasks such as sitting up and eating solid foods did not come easy for him, resulting in Dixie needing to look into developmental therapy for help.

She told the Los Angles Times in 1999, “we coached him, we urged him, we encouraged him. But we knew from the first time we met him that he had problems.”

10. New Move, New Life

003-10-new-move-new-life-c3300c9bac6a5d89e40c62860dc5f0b0At the age of 5, Danny was doing better but still behind his classmates. He had difficulty speaking and was not yet toilet-trained. It was during this time that Dixie decided to make a move to Ojai where she married her high school sweetheart.


The move brought along new neighbors and a new life, both of which would be exactly what Danny needed.

9. Meet Saki

004-9-meet-saki-e73120377b76694ad029efe50482ef31Next door lived animal service trainer Dennie and her new trainee Saki. Saki was a stray whose impressive temperament caught the attention of the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation. Training a search dog is no easy feat, and it’s even harder to find as perfect a candidate as Saki was.


Saki endured excessive training, and while was an ideal student, Saki had a tendency of wandering off – specifically to the house next door.

8. New Friends

005-8-new-friends-f755e5d06f09ae01a3cd0bef49050f2eSaki’s trips to the family next door resulted in a new bond between her and Danny. Never being one for any type of social situation, Danny quickly took a liking to the dog much to Dixie’s surprise.

“Socially, he doesn’t always interact effectively with his peers. But he did with the dog. Saki understood him. They understood each other.”

It turned out this friendship was more than social for Danny as Dixie soon began to see some changes.