It’s 2017. In one form or another, marijuana is now legal in many states. People’s perspective about the drug is now changing, and more and more celebrities are now openly celebrating their love of pot.

In fact, so many celebrities have come out in recent years supporting marijuana’s legalization, it’s starting to look like just about everyone in Hollywood smokes weed. Of course, there are the usual suspects like Snoop Dogg and Whiz Kalifa (who confessed he had been in jail 21 times for weed). But there are some celebrities you wouldn’t expect who are actually major potheads.

Check out our list of the unexpected stars who have been arrested for possessing marijuana. A few of these even surprised us, like #10.

10. Lauren Jauregui Of Fifth Harmony

With an angelic face and a powerful voice, you probably wouldn’t expect Lauren Jauregui to be a pothead. But in December 2016, the Fifth Harmony member didn’t get to work, work, work at the group’s concert in Brazil after a TSA employee found marijuana in her carry-on bag at Washington Dulles Airport.

9. Montel Williams

In July 2016, the former daytime talk show host was reportedly arrested at a German airport for bringing a stash of marijuana with him. Although Mr. Williams initially denied the allegation, his representative later insisted that the television personality needed the pot to treat his multiple sclerosis, a disease he has been struggling with since 1999.

8. Adam Pally

Making a name for himself on shows like Happy Endings and The Mindy Project, funnyman Adam Pally now plays a time-traveling character in his latest TV series Making History. But no time-travel can fix what happened in March 2017 when he was charged with possession of cocaine and marijuana in New York.

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7. Armie Hammer

The clean-cut actor known for his roles in The Social Network and Lone Ranger was arrested in 2012 for possession of marijuana cookies and a brownie. The place where he was busted? A border patrol checkpoint in Sierra Blanca, Texas, the same town where Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson were caught.

6. Haley Joel Osment

Young Haley Joel Osment’s future looked really bright with roles alongside big stars like Jude Law and Bruce Willis in the late 90s. It’s quite difficult to imagine that the former child star suffered from substance abuse later in life. In 2006, the actor, then only 18, crashed his car into a mailbox while driving under the influence and possessing marijuana.

5. Aaron Carter

Life wasn’t quite a party for Aaron Carter in 2008, when authorities found marijuana on him after getting pulled over for speeding in Kimble County, Texas. The pop singer (and brother of Backstreet Boys member Nick Carter) was such a heartthrob in the early 2000s, even Hillary Duff and Lindsay Lohan fought over him.

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4. Amanda Bynes

Rising to prominence for her quirky roles in television and movies during her teens, Amanda Bynes has been making headlines in the past few years for displaying erratic behavior. In 2013, the former Nickelodeon star reportedly threw her bong out her window when authorities raided her Manhattan apartment. She was subsequently arrested and underwent psychiatric evaluation.

3. Kimora Lee Simmons

In 2004, the fashion model and designer was arrested when cops found marijuana in her car after a chase that ended in front of her residence. Her husband, hip-hop legend Russell Simmons, has long campaigned against New York State’s Rockefeller Drug Laws, imposing long prison sentences on people caught selling or possessing small amounts of drugs.

2. Paul Reubens

Paul Reubens, known for his character Peewee Herman, has had his fair share of controversies during his career. Apart from his well-publicized arrest in 1991 for masturbating inside an adult movie theater, he was also arrested in 1983 for possession of marijuana that placed him on two months probation.

1. Matthew McConaughey

In an interview with Playboy, the Oscar-winner recalled his embarrassing pot-related arrest in 1999. The actor was caught naked, playing bongos in his Austin Apartment and was charged with suspected marijuana possession. But McConaughey doesn’t regret what happened. He even remarked: “What’s wrong with beating on your drums in your birthday suit?”


Celebrities have a long history with marijuana and it’s unlikely it’s ever going to change. Pot culture is deeply ingrained in the entertainment industry, and it has even made its way to some of our favorite movies and music. Whether it’s marijuana’s alleged ability to increase creativity or relieve stress, it’s actually not surprising at all why celebrities are attracted to the drug. Although marijuana is now being seen by more people in a good light, it still has its consequences. Just remember the stories of the stars we featured.

Can you think of other celebrities that would make it on our list? Don’t forget to mention them in the comments section!


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