Spice Up Your Sex Life With These Pleasing Oral Positions

Are you and your partner looking for some new moves in the bedroom? Here’s your chance to learn.

Oral sex doesn’t have to be the warm up to a hot night. Instead, try making it the star of the show with these twelve sexy positions. When you surprise your woman with #3 on the list, she might reward you with #2. And remember, practice makes perfect!

12. The Queen On Her Throne


Every queen deserves a throne, and that throne is your face. For this position, she’ll want to get a good leg workout in order to keep you breathing.

Add some fun for you with #11…

11. Sofa King Good

Velv Or

Try this move on the couch or a big chair. With your legs swung over the top of the couch, let her sit on your face while you get some pleasure as well.

10. Spider Woman

Raw Attraction

Remember when Spiderman kisses his bae while hanging upside down? This move is similar, except she does the kissing while hanging off the edge of the bed. You get a great view, too.

9. The Sexy Human Centipede

Liberator Unzipped

This is the oral version of doggy style. For this position, you’ll both want to be on all fours while you do the alphabet with your tongue. Do a good job and maybe she’ll try #8…

8. Lazy Job


It might look lazy, but it feels great and it’s easier for her. You both might as well get a little rest before you try #7 on the list…

7. The Push Up


For this one, you’ll want to get in a push-up position and line your pelvic area up with her face. Then, get started on your workout.

6. Ear Muffs


Wondering what to do on a cold day? Try wearing her thighs as ear muffs as she wraps her legs around your head. You’ll never be cold again!

5. Tuck And Pull


Pull her to the edge of the bed and gently massage her inner thighs as you pleasure her. This increases the blood flow which is really good for her. You can also try #4 to really hit the spot…

4. The Stanky Leg

Angela Goodnight

Have her hold one leg up in the air while you go down on her. Usually, one side of the vagina is more sensitive than the other, so make sure she chooses wisely!

3. On The Edge

Daily Star

Slide her down to the edge of the bed and let her legs dangle off the side. Your position on the floor will give you a great angle to work with.

Do it right and she might try this next trick…

2. The Jack Hammer


This one is all for you. Stand over her and slowly bend your knees with her head tilted back. She can even pleasure herself while you watch. Win-win-win!

1. Just Screw It


And lastly, if you’ve satisfied your partner, stand in front of her while she tilts her head side to side. She can also twist her hands to give you an extra boost.


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