These Sororities Were Busted For Committing Heinous Crimes

College can be an enlightening time of your life. You’re on your own and learning to become an adult. Joining a sorority is appealing in order to make long-term friends, right?

Not all sorority sisters have pleasurable experiences, though, and some make decisions that can have long lasting effects. Like #9, some choices will land you with a criminal record for life…

9. Wannabe Drug Lords

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Three members of the Kappa Delta Phi sorority at California State University Santa Cruz decided to become drug lords in 2016. Along with three fraternity brothers, the sisters shipped nearly $100,000 worth of MDMA to their campus housing.

More drug problems plague the west coast. Up next, we take a trip to Washington…

8. Low Level Dealing

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Sierra M. Windsor of Sigma Kappa at Washington State University thought she’d make some extra cash selling coke on campus. Her name was listed to authorities as low-level dealers by an anonymous informant.

The informant wore a wire at a drug deal and Windsor was caught red-handed and dealt with felony narcotics charges.

7. A Drug Deal Gone Bad?


Andrea Lauren DelVesco of UCLA’s Pi Beta Phi sorority was found dead in her apartment in 2015. An autopsy revealed she was stabbed multiple times before a fire was set. DelVesco had just been arrested the day prior for possession of mushrooms, meth, acid, and ecstasy with intent to sell.

Sororities have also been in trouble for their initiation rituals, as you’ll see in #6…

6. Assaulting A Sister

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When Jasmine Johnson was pledging to join Delta Sigma Theta at the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga, she never expected to wind up in the hospital.

The sorority sisters repeatedly shot her in the eyes with a water gun filled with vinegar, broke eggs over her head, and kicked her until her vaginal area bled. One sister was arrested for assault.

5. Allergic To Hazing


The University of Albany’s Alpha Omicron Pi sorority had been disbanded, but that didn’t stop them from performing unofficial hazing rituals. Seven former members forced pledges to eat garbage, mud, sour milk and eggs. One pledge suffered from an allergic reaction that left her hospitalized.

Hazing rituals like the one in #4 can also cause severe pain…

4. Without A Paddle

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In 2010, six members of the Sigma Gamma Rho sorority at Rutgers University were detained after a pledge suffered from blood clots and welts to her rear end. She had been beaten with a wooden paddle over 200 times within eight days.

Plenty of other hazing rituals have unfortunate and sometimes fatal results…

3. Drowning In Trouble


Two students at Cal State Los Angeles were taking part in a ritual at the beach. Authorities believe the two girls were bound, blindfolded, and forced to walk back into the ocean. The sorority sisters chose not to speak to law enforcement and vital information related to the incident was deleted from the victim’s phones.

2. Grand Theft Munchie


A sorority sister with Alpha Phi at Bowling Green State University got hungry after a night of drinking. She thought it would be a good idea to steal a catering truck. After hitting several vehicles, she was stopped and arrested for driving under the influence.

Even though she made a bad choice, it pales in comparison to #1…

1. This Piece Of Trash


Emile Weaver of Muskingum University in Ohio found herself giving birth in her sorority house. In an act of selfish malice, Weaver placed the baby in a trash bag before tossing the child in the house’s dumpster.

She tried to claim the baby was already dead, but incriminating text messages proved otherwise. She is now serving life in prison.


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