Someone Please Tell These Women Their Clothes Are See-Through

Everybody has an off day from a fashion perspective. You get up, you’re in a hurry, and you just pull on whatever you can find to get going.

These images, on the other hand, don’t so much feature “off days” as they do “days that should never have been.” There’s a difference between going out wearing mismatching socks and showing the universe your booty.

The former is understandable, the latter not so much. Check out these 10 brave women, all of whom went out wearing clothes that were way too see-through for public eyes. Number seven is just unbelievable.

10. Bare-Faced Cheek

We’re not sure how this lady thought she’d get away with this. We’re especially impressed with the black bra and white panties. Who goes see-through and then can’t be bothered to make sure that the items underneath match? That takes an impressive amount of “don’t care.”


9. Wonder If They Sell Guns?
There you were, just harmlessly pushing your trolley through Walmart and then there she was. Larger than life and ten times as scary. At least, to her credit, she’s made certain that the giant bra is made out of the same color material as the shirt. It’s still not a great look, though.
8. Pants Pants
This might just be a cruel trick of the light, but this lady’s pants appear to be completely transparent. That’s probably not what she was going for at all. A kind friend might have pointed out that this wasn’t working and suggested she go home and change. Think that’s crazy? Wait until you see number five.


7. Shredded Mess
Of course, if you really want to expose parts of you that nobody should be forced to see without written consent, then there’s the good old-fashioned “cut your dress up into tiny pieces so that a lot of daylight comes through” tactic. But in the back of all places?
6. Passionately Purple
This lady obviously had some indication that her dress was going to be sharing her undergarments with the world, because she took the time and pride to go for a matching purple combination. She’s setting higher standards for see-through attire than most of the folks on this list.


5. We Don’t Even
What? How does this happen? Those appear to be ordinary sweat pants apart from the fact that they’re completely see-through in the one place that they ought to be opaque. This is clothing design by sadists, there’s simply no way this could be sexy or erotic, ever.

There’s more to come. If you’re grossed out now, at least number two will make you laugh!

4. A Touch Of Class
It’s not quite enough to let your bottom out for the world to see. Add a touch of class by doing it in front of a young child! Hence the shot of the stroller on the right-hand side of this image. This is the kind of motherhood that makes you fear for the future of humanity.
3. We Can’t Un-see This
This act of translucent exhibitionism appears to be done with hostile intent. Look at the swagger in that stride as the lady heads into the store to expose her nether regions to total strangers. This would have been better left unseen, and we imagine that store security would have been quick to agree.


2. A Third One?
OK, this lady might be a little on the large side to be pulling off this see-through number, but we have a much more pressing concern. What’s that third bump under the shirt? The one in the middle and slightly lower than her breasts? Was she in Total Recall?

If you like that, you’ll like our last slide.

1. Small Knickers
Those are pretty small undies for a derriere that’s going to be on display through a see-through coat. We like the fact that she appears to be completely oblivious to what she’s wearing. Maybe this one was a genuine mistake and she just grabbed stuff off the bedroom floor without looking before she went shopping?


Well, we certainly got more than we bargained for from the choice of wardrobe from these 10 ladies. We also have to admit that we got a few laughs from the fashion faux pas, too.

It shouldn’t be a big deal in today’s day and age for people to let it all hang out, but it’s still just not quite appropriate is it?

Which one did you think was the most outrageous, or which one was funniest? Tell us in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you.



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