The “Sleeping” Baby And...

The “Sleeping” Baby And The Saddest Childcare Story Ever

Childcare has become an absolute necessity in the lives of many women. If they want to care for all their children’s needs, they have to go out and be able to work.

That means, in turn, that they have to be able to trust someone else to look after their children while they are working. Very few workplaces will allow a family to take up residence in the office, after all.

That’s what Bryanna Reasonover did on the 14th of April, 2017 and she will regret that choice for the rest of her life. What happened to her child is truly shocking.

10. Meet Bryanna Reasonover

Bryanna Reasonover is an ordinary mother. She has four children and she works nights. That means that she regularly had to drop her children off at daycare overnight and then she would pick them up the next morning. It was an arrangement that had always suited her and her family well.


9. The Keysha Keepers Home Day Care Center

The place that Bryanna left her children was The Keysha Keepers Home Day Care Center in Muskegon, Michigan. It’s a small and specialist center which only allows 12 children on the premises at any one time and has a great record of caring for children successfully and decently. What happened at the center came as a nasty surprise to everyone as you’ll see.


8. Bryanna Comes To Collect Korey

As with every return visit, Bryanna collected her eldest three children first and the turned her attention to the youngest, little Korey who was just a year old. She entered his room in the center and saw him lying in bed and like any mother would, she assumed he was sleeping.

7. Then Bryanna Felt His Skin

Bryanna reached down to pick up her son and found him unresponsive. Then she felt his skin and realized that something was badly wrong. He was covered in bites and bruises. They were all over his face and all over his hands. His fingers were covered in teeth marks and he would not wake up.

6. Korey Was Rushed To Hospital

As you can imagine Bryanna’s first thoughts were to get her child to a doctor. Korey was rushed to a local hospital and there his mother’s heart would be broken forever. He was pronounced dead by the doctors later on that morning. Korey would never be coming home again. But what had happened to him?

5. Bryanna Speaks Up

Bryanna told the world, “It doesn’t seem real. It still doesn’t seem real to this day. It seems like a dream and I’m going to wake up and he’s going to be here.” While she began to deal with her grief the police began to investigate Korey’s death.

4. The Police Make A Mistake

The police turned their attention to The Keysha Keepers Home Day Care Center immediately. The staff was naturally traumatized by what had happened and the initial conclusion was that Korey had probably been attacked by a wild animal that had snuck in while he was sleeping. This was a mistake.

3. Getting To The Bottom Of Things

Korey had been left in the care of a little girl for a few minutes while a member of staff was called away to deal with another issue. In the short time when the girl was watching him, Korey had sustained his injuries, and the only witness to this was a 5-year-old child. So what had happened?

2. The Shocking Truth

It took some time, patience and care but the 5-year-old finally managed to explain to the police what they had witnessed. The little girl, who was only 8, had attacked Korey when she couldn’t get him to stop crying. The girl was then taken to hospital for a mental health evaluation.

1. The Saddest Ending

Muskegon Police Chief Jeffrey Lewis says the case is “one of the saddest I’ve ever seen.”

Korey won’t be coming home to his mom anymore. At the time of writing, they are still waiting to release the autopsy details to confirm how Korey died. So it is not known what actions will be taken in the future by the police or the day care center.

If there is one lesson to take away from this tragic case, it is that it’s not acceptable to leave a young child alone and with the responsibility of caring for another child.

The day care center should have known this and made arrangements for an adult to be in charge of Korey’s care at all times. However, records show that the facility had only been recently licensed and may not have had the proper processes in place for this.

Bryanna Reasonover now faces a lifetime without her son and an 8-year-old girl may be guilty of murder.


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