Why You Should Skip Pajamas And Sleep Naked

Everyone hits the hay differently: back sleepers, side sleepers, stomach sleepers, curled up or starfished out. While sleeping positions may come down to personal preference, there’s actually one tried and true sleeping method that’s worth a shot. That method involves the clothing you wear to bed—or lack thereof.

Before you go to bed tonight, find out why you should skip the PJ’s and sleep au naturale!

8. It’ll Be Much More Comfortable

Forget the itchy tags, messed up shirt sleeves, and rotated waistbands. Give your sleeping self one less thing to worry about by eliminating pajamas that can cause discomfort and irritation. It’s also easier to roll over and stretch out with bare skin against sheets, so you might not even have to wake up in order to scoot or flip over.

7. Relieve Your Stress And Boost Your Confidence

There’s something to be said for resting in our most natural state. There’s also something to be said for taking that first brave step if naked sleep makes you feel weird! Better quality sleep can help reduce your overall stress, and if you feel insecure, you might be able to whip your subconscious into shape by making this simple change.

6. You’ll Fall Asleep Faster If You’re Nude

Our body temperatures have to drop by half a degree in order for us to fall asleep. That’s much more difficult for your body if you’re trying to doze off while you’re wrapped up in clothes. Getting naked will help your body temperature drop and maintain that change throughout your sleep.

5. You Just Might Look Even Better In The Morning

You already look great—but if you skip the clothes at night, you might look even better, thanks to a combination of factors. A better night’s sleep pairs up perfectly with a cleaner, less stuffy feeling. Your body will also have an easier time shedding dead skin cells and hair, which can leave you positively glowing.

4. It’ll Turn Bedtime Into A Sexier Time

If you’re partnered up, why not turn bedtime into a naked fest? It could lead to a little bit of extra loving that otherwise might not happen if you pass out in your pajamas.

And if you’re flying solo, let’s be honest: Naked sleep can only make you feel sexier.