Sketchy Screenshots Of Snapchat Cheaters Who Were Caught In The Act

Snapchat has caught serious shade for its tendency to attract cheaters. For many people, using the app to send naughty photos to a lover is considered “safe,” mainly because the photos “delete” after 10 seconds instead of floating around cyberspace.

Sometimes, though, Snapchat cheaters get caught. Here are 10 great examples.

10. Wife Finds Naughty Pic On Husband’s Snapchat

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This woman opened a photo sent to her husband’s Snapchat only to find that it was from another woman. The woman in the Snapchat photo was dressed in a bra and panties, proving that the husband was being unfaithful. What the man’s wife did next was pretty epic!

9. Cheating With His Brother

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Apparently, this woman wanted her husband to find out that she was cheating—with his brother, no less! She sent this photo to her hubby on Snapchat, effectively ending their marriage. At least, we hope that’s what happened.

Believe it or not, this probably isn’t nearly as bad as what’s up next…

8. That’s Your Birthmark


If you have a very specific birthmark that is in a very specific location, you probably shouldn’t be taking chances like this. This guy told his girlfriend that he was going to the store.

A short while later, his girlfriend saw this posted to her friend’s Snapchat story.

7. Husband Sends Risqué Snap To Wife’s Friend


Snapchat seems to be the place for husbands to cheat with their wife’s friends. This guy made the first move, judging by his caption. His wife’s friend seems to be completely into it, which makes her equally as guilty.

Up next, there’s no denying who’s guilty…

6. Those Are Men’s Boots


This woman was out of town when she decided to send a couple of sexy photos to her husband back home before she went to bed. On this last one, he noticed something super peculiar. Are those men’s boots under the counter? That’s exactly what those are. Busted!

5. The Perfect Cover Up?


It sounds like this chick was trying to make sure to cover her bases, just in case she got caught sending sexy pictures to her boyfriend’s best friend. Why else would she have sent such a sexy photo back to him? And what’s with the Bud Light can in her lap?

4. One Word: Destroyed

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We’re not even completely sure what happened here, but this relationship has to be over. This guy documented himself as he found out his girlfriend cheated on him. It looks like he took a picture of her and posted that on Snapchat too, just so that everyone could see.

3. Is That A Hickey?

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If you ever decide to send your man a sexy picture of your new lingerie, maybe you should make sure that you don’t have any hickeys on your chest.

If you are covered in love bites, make sure that they were given to you by your man. Just a friendly suggestion.

2. Finding Out The Hard Way


When you see a picture of your girl with another dude on Snapchat, that has got to hurt. This guy decided to take a screenshot and post about it on Facebook. Based on the conversation, at least one of his other friends saw the same thing.

Nothing really beats #1, though…

1. Simply Crushed

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This guy found out that his wife had slept with his best friend. He was so upset, he posted about it on Snapchat. As you can see from his captions, it wasn’t an easy thing for him to find out—he looks seriously torn up.

Hopefully, he ended that marriage and moved on.


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