This Single Dad Received An Unexpec...

This Single Dad Received An Unexpected Surprise On His Windshield

featured-imageIn August 2016, Ohio resident Kevon Smith, Sr. was enjoying what he thought was a typical breakfast with his infant son. The two were dining at a Cracker Barrel store—a restaurant that specializes in a menu full of southern-style fare, with an accompanying gift shop.

What Kevon didn’t know was that he had piqued the interest of a couple sitting and eating nearby. When he returned to his car, he was surprised by something that they’d left behind. Check out this touching story about one random act of kindness and its impact on a single father.

12. Only 22

001-12-only-22-ae0215061dfba6868866d07b35ba8414Kevon Smith, Sr. is 22 years old and a very active volunteer in his community. He participates as a coach for his local football team and helps out local youths in many other ways.

He’s also a dedicated father, and his friends and family take notice. Comments on his Facebook page include “You are a wonderful young dad, keep up the good job!” and “You’d be surprised by how many people you inspire just by doing what you are born to do.”

11. Ordinary Day

002-11-ordinary-day-1d04e7b3f752898cf1d811efe8ed95b2On that August 2016 morning, Smith got his three-month-old son Kevon, Jr. settled, and they both sat down to eat at the Willoughby restaurant.

It didn’t take long for Kevon to notice something out of the ordinary. While he ate his breakfast and kept his son entertained, he realized that he was being watched.

10. Being Watched

003-10-being-watched-5a879f6780df19f0354fba85b7a299d5The people keeping an eye on the Smiths were a friendly-looking older couple who kept glancing over at their table.

Kevon Smith, Sr. later told the Cleveland 19 News, “I noticed this older couple over in the corner—they kept smiling at me and I was looking at my son like, ‘What is going on?'”

9. A Surprise

004-9-a-surprise-90165341713d387c9ac24d70aa8872e6At first, Kevon didn’t think much of it, and he continued paying attention to his son. By the time he paid his bill and left the restaurant, the older couple had already left.

Once he returned to his car, he was in for a surprise. There was a note tucked into his windshield.

8. A Note

005-8-a-note-1457017b323cd8b069690998f569cdc5Smith opened up the note. After he read through it, he realized that it had been left by the older couple who had been checking him out in the restaurant. It turned out that the couple had taken quite an interest in what was a normal day for the Smiths.

7. Breakfast On Us

006-7-breakfast-on-us-59d14145a770466e447965692306b1e9The note read, “Today, your meal is on my wife and me. Enjoy that baby boy as long as God intends. We need more black dads like you.”

Signed by the Masons, it was a quite unexpected message for Kevon and his son. They had truly just been enjoying a normal day!

6. More Than Words

007-6-more-than-words-f5b0574fcd9b5fc3f52c929f01ddd45dUpon further inspection, Smith quickly learned that the note was more than just a nice message from a nice couple. Within the envelope, the Masons had also included enough cash to pay for the Smiths’ morning meal. Quite a surprise, indeed, and a great example of random acts of kindness!

5. Single Father

008-5-single-father-cd5e53101f4abc212387d8a6da2cd6feThere is valid reasoning behind their comment that the world needs more “black dads” like Kevon. The 2010 U.S. Census report revealed that 57.6% of black children lived in homes without a biological father.

“There’s a lot of guys I know that aren’t taking care of their kids,” said Smith later. He added, “Some of us are out here being fathers.”

4. Counterargument

009-4-counterargument-70bb57abdea36a4385d4c2a3c518b2e9It’s important to note that the “absent black father” myth is racially-biased and easily proven wrong.

Black fathers are more likely to live separately from their children—this is the statistic that’s usually used to support arguments for the parenting “crisis.” But many of these dads remain just as involved in their kids’ lives.

3. By The Numbers

010-3-by-the-numbers-7443f98d49a1042c1e83b5ea59475b17Pew estimates that 67% of black dads who don’t live with their kids see them at least once a month, compared to 59% of white dads and just 32% of Hispanic dads. So while some might think Kevon is an uncommon example, he is not.

It’s still an inspiring story, though. “It’s great for me able to do this and do it the right way, be there for him,” Smith said of his son. “And when he gets older, I’ll still be there for him.”

2. Lots Of Love

011-2-lots-of-love-ca192eba58296951014f0978f7d6eea1When Smith’s story was shared online, it received a lot of attention. Plenty of people shared it on social media and the local news picked up the story as well.

“It’s crazy my son is famous at four months,” Kevon wrote on his Facebook page in September 2016. “Lady in Walmart asked to take a picture with him. People recognize us out in public. That’s wild!”

1. Pay It Forward

012-1-pay-it-forward-7936a4ffabd37bd78b885abee429bee0Smith has been completely inspired by the incident and he told Fox News, “I’m definitely going to make sure I’m paying it forward. I get blessed, I want to bless someone else.”

It’s a good idea, too. Random acts of kindness can span from simple acts like holding a door for someone to paying for a coffee—or an entire breakfast, like the Masons in this story.

Would you like to take part in a random act of kindness of your own? Here are a few ideas:

• Compliment someone as you pass them on the street.

• Send a letter to Cards for Hospitalized Kids. They deliver to children in United States Hospitals.

• In a drive-thru, purchase your order and the order behind you as well.

• Leave extra quarters in the laundry room.

• Drop off food or cleaning supplies at a local animal rescue.

• Return a shopping cart for someone loading groceries into their car.

• Send a “thinking of you” card to a friend across the country.


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