Single? You Can Now Meet Beautiful Women Behind Bars With This Dating Site

There’s a website called where free citizens can browse online profiles of men and women behind bars. You can search some surprisingly beautiful people looking for a pen pal (though I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise attractive people break the law, too).

Who knows? It might lead somewhere else. Chances are she’ll need a place to stay when she gets out in three to five. Let’s meet a few of these jail birds.

10. Combs And Collected

Elizabeth Combs was described as “flirty” when she was busted for drunk driving. In Wisconsin, that gave her a year prison sentence. She probably won’t be giving that smile until she’s released. I wonder if she stole as many hearts as the inmate in #9 stole from department stores.

9. Caught Red Handed Again Flanagan

Rebecca Flanagan has a sweet smile and just like most women, she loves material possessions. Unlike most women, Rebecca doesn’t have a significant other to buy them for her. She resorted to stealing everything she could get her hands on and got busted. Her personal mantra is to live for the moment.

8. Don’t Judge Jenny!

Jenny Decoteau stole from her partner and is now paying for it with her time. She said, “I refuse to let this experience define me, although I am learning from my mistakes and intend to grow into a better person through this all.” She seems to have a much better temperment than the inmate in #7.

7. Stacy’s Solberg’s Sole Problem

Stacy Solberg was developing her talents as a photographer before her prison time. She had lofty goals of becoming a professional ans using her talents for good. Her temper got the best of her one day, and she was arrested and charged with aggravated assault. Not the kind of customer service strategy she should adopt.

6. Needy Leedy

Nicole Leedy is the type of woman you should bring home to mom. If mom had a meth problem and needed a hookup. Nicole Leedy has been busted for narcotics all over Texas in her life. She will be free and single in 20 years, boys! You’d better watch your heart and your possessions with #5.

5. Klepto McCormick

Have you ever had a girl completely steal your heart? And then she decided to steal your wallet and your vehicle? That’s exactly what Andrea McCormick did. Now she is in jail for burglary. Sources say she’s still looking for a non-judgmental man. Perhaps one to teach her integrity.

4. Jillian Chi: Parolee

Jillian Chi found herself on parole after being charged for an unknown reason or reasons. She wound up with a man who was also on parole who violated it. So she wound up back in incarceration. At least she didn’t do to the man what #3 did to two men!

3. Meaghan Rice The Succubus

Meaghan Rice might look sweet with those innocent eyes, but evil lies within. As a 16-year-old, Meaghan started dating two guys. She decided to pit them against each other and have one murder the other for her. She was sentenced to over 12 years in prison for second-degree murder.

2. The Intoxicated McKay

Jessica McKay has been busted for driving under the influence on multiple occasions. She did not learn her lesson and wound up drunk behind the wheel yet again. This time, she ran a red light and killed a pedestrian. She was three-times the legal limit, and is now facing 40 years behind bars. The busted beauty in #1 has the right outlook.

1. Carmen Lewis Admits Her Mistakes

It’s unknown what Carmen did for such a beautiful girl to land in an ugly place but she says, “I am a fun loving girl. I’m in a bad place, but I’ve got a beautiful heart and a caring soul. Even the best of people make mistakes right?”


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