This Sick Father Did Something Truly Amazing For His Wife


What would you do if you just lost your job, hadn’t achieved any of your dreams in life yet, and also received serious health news, all as your 40th birthday was approaching? Many people would probably just give up. When nothing seems to be going right, it can be easy to just stop caring about all the things that are good and focus on only the bad.

But Darius Stevens is one man who proves that giving up should never be an option. When you’re at your lowest point in life, the only direction you can travel is up!

Click through to see Darius’s journey and find out if he was able to pull himself from his slump!

#12 Darius Stevens Is A Loving Father

001-12-darius-stevens-is-a-loving-father-04dac389655bae33a1926407f8b3d70dDarius Stevens is a loving father who lives in California. He works in the movie industry and has always had a passion for writing. He dreamt of one day selling a script or novel and achieving fame and fortune through his talents. He has a beautiful wife and two daughters as his cheerleaders, but that might not be enough to help him achieve his goals…

#11 He Struggled With His Career

002-11-he-struggled-with-his-career-c7f8c6d8c54623c2cc058ab47df018beDarius’s 40th birthday was quickly approaching as was the feeling of failure. He had hoped by this point he would have at least had some form of successful media that he had a hand in creating. But alas, he had not, and to make matters even worse, he lost his steady job, leaving him unemployed and hopeless. But this wasn’t even the worst thing to happen to him yet.
#10 And Then Tragic News Hit

003-10-and-then-tragic-news-hit-1824c5faf121b6f4f991f7386f7d5b55After getting some strange skin patches, Darius decided to head to the doctors to check his health. Unfortunately, he soon learned that he had rather serious skin cancer. This was not something he would be able to ignore. He had two children and a wife that he needed to be healthy for! But what Darius did next will shock you…

#9 He Tried To Hide It

004-9-he-tried-to-hide-it-52a45451a001bb1020caf880e1346bccHe tried to hide his illness and pretend that it didn’t exist! Instead of treating his disease, he wanted to pretend everything was fine. But this was not something he could get away with. Soon, he received an urgent letter reminding him that if his disease went untreated, he would lose his life. His wife found the letter, and his secret was out. They both began scrambling to figure out how they would fix this.

#8 He Sent His Wife Away

005-8-he-sent-his-wife-away-8a4ef9a39ed963a7b0e1b4dece4a1253During this stressful time, Darius decided to come up with a plan to show his supportive wife just how much he loved her. He decided to send her on a five-day trip to New York City as an early birthday gift. She always said just how much she wished she could visit the city. Darius actually had something else up his sleeve when he decided to send his wife away…