Shower Sex Is Fun, But It’s Not Easy

Having sex in the shower might sound like a great idea — until you get in the shower and actually try to have sex! Sure, you see people have sexy shower hook-ups on television and in movies, but it doesn’t always turn out as hot as you want it to in real life.

Here are 10 reasons shower sex may sound more fun than it actually is.

10. You Can Only Do Certain Positions

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Since both parties have to be standing (for the most part), there are only a few positions that will work. Doggy style is the preferred position since it’s relatively easy to manage with one person standing and the other bending over in front. But you have to be careful, because of #9.

9. It’s Slippery AF

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It’s true. If you and your partner are both barefooted in a porcelain tub with water running, it’s not easy for both people to keep their footing. Getting over-enthusiastic about having sex in the shower can cause someone to slip and a serious injury could be had.

8. The Water Temperature Has To Be Just Right For Both Partners

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“That’s too hot! But I’m cold!” Getting the right water temperature that works for both parties can become a problem. If you have to keep adjusting the temperature up and down, that can take away from the sexiness of the moment and can actually ruin your shower sex plans altogether.

7. Finding The Right Hole Can Become An Issue


You’re in an awkward position with the water running. It’s probably steamy and maybe you can’t see very well. This is the perfect storm for, “oops, wrong hole!” There have been plenty of women who have gotten a bit of a surprise, if you know what I mean. And then we have #6.

6. Oral Can Be Tricky — And Uncomfortable

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Kneeling down on a rock hard surface hurts your knees. Add water to the mix and you’re just going to be uncomfortable all around. If you’re the receiver, that can be tricky as well. Finding a way to get comfortable in a shower without being able to lay down or spread out can be a problem.

5. At Least One Person Won’t Be Getting Wet


While you might think that not having water on your body is a good thing, it’s actually not. If you get cold easily, you won’t be able to enjoy the warm shower flow. On the flip side, if you’re sweating from all that fun shower activity, you won’t get any water to cool you off. With one person standing in front of the shower head, it’s tough to get two people wet. If this isn’t a problem for you, #4 will be.

4. It’s Exhausting

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Face it. You’re not in as great of shape as you could be. And, if you are? Shower sex is still tiring! Getting into a position that you may not be used to and trying to keep you and your partner from almost drowning while still being sexy? I’m tired just thinking about it.

3. Water Can Work Against Your Natural Lubrication

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You might think that water is going to help keep you nice and lubricated to make things go easier, but you’d be very, very wrong. Water actually works against the body’s natural lubrication and can make it very hard to have sex without experiencing some pain. And water is a problem for #2 as well.

2. Condoms Can Fill With Water

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Unfortunately, this is true. If you’re putting on a condom with the water running, it’s possible to get water inside the condom. If you manage to put a condom on without issue, water can still get in the condom while you’re having sex or while you’re adjusting. Who knew that water could be such a problem?!

1. Getting A Face Full Of Water Isn’t Fun

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Imagine being super turned on and getting into a good groove with your partner and then BAM! A flood of water starts hitting you in the face. You don’t want to stop because you don’t want to ruin the moment, but you can’t breathe. Perhaps now is the time to take things to the bedroom!


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