Is He The One ? 12 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Walk Down The Isle

So you are an excited bride to be. You are looking for that perfect gown in bridal magazines and watching things to do with big days on sitcoms. However, amid all the excitement, one thing is wrong-your heart does not feel right. For some reason you are doubtful about the turn your life is about to take and your feet are frozen.  This can only mean one thing; there’s trouble in paradise.
All these doubts make it difficult for you to envision a new, shared future. But there’s part of you that wonders if calling it quits after all the wedding preparations is the best option. Marriage is a lifetime commitment that should be taken seriously. If your partner has any of the tell-tale signs listed below, instead of walking towards the altar, you should be running for the door. The last thing you want is to create an unhappy future for yourself. So don’t walk down the isle.

1- An Unfaithful partner
Is He The One
Is He The One

Being cheated on is the most frustrating thing that can happen in a relationship, short of the other person dying. If your partner has cheated before-what makes you think he won’t do it again? Save yourself from the misery of spending your life that cannot remain true to you. No matter how much you love him-trust me, it’s not worth it!

2- You have different long-term goals

Think twice

It’s important to be on the same page with your partner about where you want to be career-wise, geographically and financially. If he is not willing to compromise or include you in decision-making then marriage may not be the healthiest step for you two. So don’t walk down the isle then later regret it.

3- He isn’t financially independent


We all need financial help from time to time. A guy who isn’t yet ready to assume the financial responsibility of supporting a wife and her insights  definitely isn’t ready for marriage. It’s probably wise to wait until he is more financially independent-a.k.a-marriage material- for the two of you to think about settling down.

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