Shocking Trump Family Secrets

Even before Donald Trump became president, he and his family are already celebrities in their own right. They’ve attracted attention because of their crazy wealth. Aside from that, Donald Trump’s hair and personality have its own followers and haters.


Now that Donald Trump is the president, the clan has become even hotter in the people’s eyes. People have become more curious about their past and personal lives. It’s like they’re living under the microscope. But the Trumps are used to that.

Even if they’ve been living under the public’s eye, there are still some secrets that the Trumps doesn’t want people to know. You think you know them? Check this list out, you might get shocked.

10. Trump Sisters

Among Donald Trump’s kids, only two of them are girls. Ivanka Trump from Donald’s first marriage and Tiffany Trump from his second marriage. Tiffany grew up in California with her mother while Ivanka was groomed for the spotlight and worked for the family business. Ivanka is now a successful entrepreneur and has a net worth of $150 million. Aside from that, she is often complimented by her father for her beauty.

Donald said to Vanity Fair about Ivanka, “What a beauty, that one. If I weren’t happily married, and, ya know, her father . . .” and her brother Eric calls her the favorite of the kids. While Tiffany has not worked in the family business and does not have the fortune of her older sister the two have a close relationship.

9. Would Date His Daughter

Aside from being a successful entrepreneur, Ivanka is also a successful model. She’s a perfect example of beauty and brains. A lot of men desire her and apparently so does his father. As creepy as it sounds it’s 100 percent true.

When Ivanka was a teenager, she launched a very successful modeling career. As she gained more attention from the public, her father said, “If she weren’t my daughter, perhaps I would be dating her.” That’s straight from the horse’s mouth.

8. The Youngest Trump

Barron, the youngest Trump attends the most expensive private school in New York City. It’s so exclusive, that the family has never released the prep school’s name. And even if they did, we probably don’t know the school anyway. We’re sure he’s rubbing elbows with some of America’s richest and most insured children.

Of course, as a Trump, you should be living the high life. So it’s no surprise that Barron Trump has his very own floor in the family’s Manhattan penthouse! But, Donald and Melania want him to experience life as a normal child, too. Though they have staff who cook and clean for them, they don’t have a nanny. Melania takes care of him and even picks him up from school! It would be hard to trust other people if you’re insanely rich.

7. Junior

Donald Trump Jr. is the oldest Trump child. He was born to Trump’s first wife, Ivana. He is now the Executive Vice President of the Trump Organization. He may be the only non-blonde Trump child but he’s a true blue Trump to the core.

Donald Trump Jr. is also a trophy hunter. He has reportedly been on several safaris in Zimbabwe and may have even killed a few endangered animals. (One of the perks of being a Trump?) He says that hunting did a lot to “keep [him] out of trouble as a kid.”