Shocking Celebrities You Didn’t Know Passed Away

When it comes to celebrities, almost everyone is in the know. Die hard fans follow every detail of their lives and are updated on the latest happenings about them. But sometimes there are celebrity happenings that don’t make it to the news. We’ve heard a lot of icons and legends who passed away and immediately made the headlines. The whole entertainment industry and the world mourned for their loss. Sadly, though, sometimes there are other celebrity deaths that don’t get the same equal attention as others do. So to help keep you up with the latest celebrity news, here are some shocking celebrities you didn’t know passed away.

18. Richard Kiel

richard kiel

Born: September 13, 1939 – Died: September 10, 2014

Richard Dawson Kiel was an actor, voice artist, and comedian. His most recognizable role was paying Mr. Larson in Happy Gilmore. He had been in the entertainment industry since the 70’s and made several notable and classic films. The 7’2″ actor passed away at the age of 74 due to a heart attack.


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