She’s Been Calling Her Kidnapper ‘Mom’ For 18 YEARS!


It seems like our iPhones start buzzing because of an Amber Alert every single day! Despite increasing security measures all over the world, children are disappearing at alarming rates. Fortunately, most of the kids who go missing are eventually returned home. Sometimes, though, it takes years for these emotional homecomings to happen!

Keep reading to learn the story of Kamiyah Mobley, a young woman who was kidnapped from a hospital nursery when she was just eight hours old. It took 18 years for police to arrest her abductor! This story has a twist, though — you’ll have to read to the end to find out what it is!


#12 A New Baby

In 1998, the Mobley family of Jacksonville, Florida, gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. They named her Kamiyah Mobley and dreamed about the happy future they were going to have together. Unfortunately, things took a turn for the worst just eight hours after they delivered their happy and giggly baby.
#11 Gloria Williams

While Kamiyah was resting in the nursery, a woman named Gloria Williams walked through the halls of the hospital, grieving the loss of her child who had just been stillborn. Gloria expected to spend the night in the hospital before heading home in the morning, but when she say Kamiyah she had a new idea.

#10 “A Nurse”

Gloria Williams walked into the hospital nursery, introduced herself as a nurse, and asked if she could check Kamiyah for a fever. Not knowing any different, the nurses happily agreed. She told them she was going to take her child on a walk around the hospital. This was a normal thing to do, so the staff wasn’t concerned.

#9 Bye Bye Baby

Instead of walking around the hospital, Gloria walked straight out the front door. Because she was wearing scrubs, no one stopped her or thought that there was anything fishy about the situation. She had just kidnapped a child, and no one had been there to stop her. It took several more hours before the Mobleys were notified about their missing child…

#8 The Cops Are On It

The President of the hospital came into the Mobley’s room to deliver the bad news. Naturally, he brought a team of police officers and special investigators. He assured them they would find their sweet baby girl. Sadly, no one could imagine how long it would take for Gloria Williams to be caught.
#7 Waterloo, South Carolina

Gloria Williams quickly left the Jacksonville area and traveled up the coast to South Carolina. She bought a home in the small town of Waterloo, South Carolina, and raised Kamiyah as her own. She married her boyfriend under the guise that she had given birth to their daughter while visiting family in Florida.

#6 Alexis Manigo

For 18 years, Gloria Williams and her husband raised Kamiyah Mobley under a fake name — Alexis Kelli Manigo. They had a happy life together, but “Alexis” was in for a tragic surprise. She had no idea about her birth family and the life she was SUPPOSED to have in Jacksonville…

#5 Something’s Fishy

Throughout these years, the Mobley family mourned. The police considered her disappearance to be an open investigation, but everyone had pretty much given up hope. Thankfully, the man who believed he was the biological father of Alexia/ Kamiyah began to ask Gloria Williams questions about the circumstances surrounding her birth.

#4 The Truth Comes Out

In early January 2017, confessed to her now former husband that she had kidnapped Alexis back in 1998. She forced him to promise not to tell the authorities, but he fortunately thought better of that. He sent in a tip to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and waited…

#3 An Emotional Homecoming

On January 17th, 2017, Gloria Williams was arrested. Kamiyah was quickly put on a plane and flown to Jacksonville. She was reunited with her family — a moment her grandfather described as “heartbreaking but wonderful.” It wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows, though. Kamiyah still loved Williams and wanted to protect her.

#2 True Heartbreak

During Williams’ first court appearance in Jacksonville, Kamiyah refused to speak negatively about the woman she once thought to be her mother. “I love her,” she said. “She will always be my mom.” She sobbed throughout the court proceedings, but her biological family was there to comfort her. It was certainly a bittersweet day.

#1 A Long Way To Go

Kamiyah Mobley, formerly known as Alexis Manigo, has a long way to go before she accepts that she was kidnapped as an infant, especially considering she knew she had been kidnapped for almost a year, but chose not to tell the authorities. Fortunately, she has a loving family who is there to love and encourage her as she transitions to her new life.

Children go missing all the time, but authorities are almost always able to catch the bad guys and bring families back together. Though it took 18 years for Kamiyah Mobley to be (begrudgingly) reunited with her biological family, there are things that normal people can do to help speed up the process in other cases. If you see anything that looks unusual, especially a woman with a new baby who you don’t remember being pregnant, tell the authorities immediately. It just may save a life.

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