If She’s Acting Distant, You’ll Need To Look For These Warning Signs

Every relationship goes through its ups and downs, but sometimes, the bad times stick around for longer than normal. When this happens, you can continue on as usual and hope for the best—or you could be proactive.

If your woman is actually losing interest in you, she’ll be gone for good before you know it. Prevent this from happening by paying attention to these eight warning signs.

8. Just A Table For One


Sometimes eating alone is a nice break from the social aspect of dining. If your girl is doing this on the reg, though, then something must be up. It’s a major sign that simply being in your presence is worse than anything else. Keep your eyes open for solitary confinement at the dinner table.

7. Pay Attention To Your Instincts


Your instincts are more powerful than you think. Listen to your feelings! If you worry that you are not doing enough to keep your woman or think that she’s losing interest, then you’re probably right. Instead of just thinking so much, act upon it and make a change.

6. Pay Attention To Your Departures


Do you pay attention to your goodbyes? (Do you even say goodbye? It’s never too late to start.)

If goodbyes with your woman are lackluster or non-existent, then something is wrong. Watch her carefully next time you depart. If you sense no emotion in her at all, then it might be time to ask her about it.

5. You Don’t Need To Read Minds

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What is your woman thinking? If it’s about you then you’re in good shape. If you sense that her mind is wandering elsewhere all the time, then there is trouble in paradise.

You don’t need to be a mind reader for this. You should be able to sense whether her attention is on you or towards something more interesting.

4. Starting The Day On The Wrong Foot

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If you’re with an ideal partner, every morning should start with a beaming smile when gazing into each other’s loving eyes. Perhaps this isn’t the case, though?

Pay closer attention to your actions as each day begins. If she seems frustrated or angry Every Single Day, you might want to make sure that you aren’t the reason why.

3. Being Independent Isn’t Always A Good Thing

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Many men find themselves attracted to strong, independent women. What if she is too independent, though? If you are gradually seeing less of your woman, then that’s probably not a coincidence.

She can only make up excuses for so long. She probably wants to be alone, dude—as in, without you.

2. Permanent Vacation With Her Friends

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Let’s say that your woman likes to enjoy an occasional girls’ night out. What happens if it becomes a nightly affair?

Maybe she just loves her friends, right? Wrong. Well, a little wrong. She does love her friends—she loves them a whole lot more than you. If she’s more devoted to her friendships than her relationship with you, then your relationship might be near its end.

1. You Neighbor Seems Awfully Friendly Lately

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Maybe you hardly cared about the handsome neighbor next door. Lately, though, it seems like he and your woman are hitting it off. In fact, it seems like she hits it off with every guy she talks to these days…

That’s no coincidence. When your woman starts to show interest in other men, then you are no longer the main attraction.


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