How To Shave Your Pubic Hair And Drive Men Wild

Grooming your pubic hair is natural, but it turns out that pubic hair styling makes more of a statement than most realize. There are a ton of styles to choose from, and men have an opinion of what look is the best when it comes to a lady’s private area.

Some lady-scaping tips lie ahead, and #4 drives guys absolutely crazy!

20. The Dorito Is More Than A Man’s Favorite Snack

The Hollywood Reporter

This pubic styling is exactly what it sounds like—an inverted triangle of hair the size of one of the world’s most popular chips. Slide #18 is a slimmer design that many women prefer!

19. The Mohawk Is A Popular Pubic Hairstyle

The Telegraph

The Mohawk turns heads on the street, and now it is making its way to the bedroom. The Mohawk pubic style is a thick strip of hair that goes down the center of the pelvic area, and some men find this style gives their woman a little edge!

18. The Runway Strip Makes A Serious Statement

Autumn Damask

Styling your pubic hair in runway strip—with one line of hair down the center—is one of the most enjoyed styles among men. It shows you care about being clean and taking good care of your private area hair!

17. The Illuminati Is Simple Yet Stylish

Fashion Jump

Styling your pubic hair in the Illuminati fashion means leaving a triangle of hair in the center and shaving the rest away. Men find this style intriguing and sophisticated. Slide #15 takes a much different approach to shaping pubic hair!

16. The Bush On Top Is Sure To Get His Attention

The Indian Express

The bush on top look involves shaving the top and bottom of the pelvic area, leaving a thick, horizontal line of hair in the middle. Men are definitely caught off guard by this pubic styling, but it certainly makes a woman stand out!

15. The Scrub Is As Natural As It Gets

Huffington Post

The scrub style is simply letting your pubic hair grow as it naturally does. Although many women feel this is too unruly and unkempt, some men really appreciate a woman that is comfortable in her most natural state!

14. Men Feel The Martini Is Classy Yet Fun

Her Beauty

The Martini style is when a woman keeps an inverted triangle of hair, and men insist that it shows you are well-kept yet full of fun. The style of slide #10 is as innovative as they come!

13. The Chaplin Is Straight From The Silver Screen


The Chaplin pubic styling is sported by shaving the entire pelvic area except for a small horizontal line at the top—much like Charlie Chaplin’s signature mustache. A man definitely knows a woman has character if she shaves in this fashion!

12. Lightning Is Sure To Spark A Fire In The Bedroom

Mental Floss

Having your pubic hair shaped into a lightning bolt sends men some serious signals. There’s nothing boring about this style of pubic hair trimming. The next slide shows an even flashier style!

11. Funky Colors Really Mix It Up

The Hearty Soul

Some women decide to dye their pubic hair vibrant hues of pink, purple, or blue, and guys are bound to think a woman with colorful pubes is out of this world!

10. The Postage Stamp Is Deliberately Unique


Postage stamp style involves leaving a tiny patch of hair on the bottom part of the pelvic area. This is one of the unique ways of styling your pubic hair, and slide #6 will have you feeling completely nude!

9. A Smiley Face Can Put A Silly Spin On Your Pelvic Area


Although keeping your pubic hair in the shape of a smiley face requires some serious upkeep, it is sure to make men crack a smile. A sense of humor goes a long way!

8. The Bikini Trim Is Shaving Simplicity

SOHO Lashes

A bikini trim only requires that a woman wax or shave the hair that would show while she is wearing a bathing suit. This does the trick during the summer and men can appreciate the clean-cut look!

7. The V Really Changes Things Up


The V involves keeping a v-shape of hair around the outer pelvic area. Women who choose to shape their pubic hair in this fashion aren’t afraid to stand out, and this shape is fierce!

6. Going Completely Bare Is Daring

ABC7 Los Angeles

Women who choose to shave all of their pubic hair off completely love how smooth their skin feels, and men also agree that the softness is amazing! Slide #3 is a little less drastic, but it allows you to sport your smallest bikini!

5. Keep It Natural And Tame With A Top Knot

Good Housekeeping

The top knot allows women to keep their pubic hair natural while still under control by shaving or waxing the sides. It’s like the best of both worlds.

4. Romantic Occasions Call For A Special Shave

Press of Atlantic City

Shaping your pubic hair into the shape of a heart may be meticulous, but it would make a great gift for a significant other on Valentine’s Day. This pubic hair shape is bound to drive any man insane!

3. The Brazilian Takes A Bikini Wax To The Next Level

Galore Mag

The Brazilian is a more dramatic–and painful–bikini wax, and it removes more hair to leave you with a more put-together look. Slide #1 is pure pubic hair sophistication!

2. Dazzling Up Your Pelvic Area Is All The Rage


The Vajazzle is anything but ordinary, and the use of gems and temporary tattoos to jazz up your lower half can really spice things up with a significant other.

1. The Bermuda Triangle Isn’t Just For Ladies Out At Sea

The Modern Man

The Bermuda Triangle is a bigger version of the martini pubic styling, and the inverted-triangle of hair covers a larger area on the pelvic surface. Ladies love this look, and they flaunt it with confidence!


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