Why Is This Sexy Travel Blogger Surrounded By Sharks Here?

Have you ever wanted to quit your job and do what you love? German national Maureen did just that when she quit her normal life to pursue her passion as a travel blogger. Her daily life included adventures most people dream of. But one trip found her in the middle of a school of sharks.

10. Meet Miss Everywhere


Maureen is living the dream. She is from Cologne, Germany and spends her days writing for her travel blog www.MissEverywhere.com. Maureen’s job is to visit wild and exotic places in order to share her pictures and stories with the world. Find out how Maureen broke into this industry in #9.

9. Doing What You Love


Maureen had received her bachelor’s degree before earning her Master’s degree in Business Management. She had a wonderful corporate job, but decided it wasn’t fulfilling her needs and desires. She left her job and began to pursue her blogging career that would take her all around the world.

8. Passion For Paradise


She describes her endless passion for traveling and a weakness for exotic beaches. She loves to explore different cultures and immerse herself into her surroundings. She says, “you’re the happiest when doing what you love most” and that’s exactly what she’s doing now as you’ll see in #7.

7. Flying Office View


Maureen’s office view begins in the belly of an airplane. She has her destinations picked out and only goes to places she has always wanted to visit. She posts her adventures on her blog as well as her vibrant Instagram account. Living out of a suitcase never looked so good.

6. Visiting Places High And Low


In addition to a thriving career at sea level, Maureen also likes to visit the concrete jungle. Her photos posing on the top of skyscrapers only prove that she loves to travel to big cities as well as secluded beaches. Check out what kinds of topics Maureen covers in #5.

5. Travel Tips & Tricks


Maureen’s specialty is traveling, so she loves to introduce people to new places and let them know of any tips or tricks to keep in mind when visiting. What better place to learn about what to do in a certain place than from someone who is considered a travel expert?

4. Teasing The Tortoise


Miss Everywhere also loves to interact with the local wildlife. The wild animals inhabiting the places she visits are just as much a part of the local culture as the food or the music. Here she is feeding a local tortoise in Seychelles. Sometimes she gets a little too close to the animals as you’ll see in #3.

3. Interacting With Wildlife In The Bahamas


A recent trip brought Maureen to the Big Major Cay in Exuma, The Bahamas. This specific photo was taken at a place called Pig Beach, a popular place where the people and the pigs can swim together in harmony. Feeding the pigs is an extremely popular attraction. We’re sure the pigs will agree.

2. Shark Bait


While on her trip in Exuma, Bahamas she discovered an excursion that allowed her to get up close and personal with the local shark population. She was having a blast until one of the sharks got a little hungry and thought her hand was part of their food. Find out what happened in #1.

1. Too Close For Comfort


Don’t worry, Maureen is perfectly fine and still has both of her hands to carry her luggage to more exotic places. Thankfully, the shark wasn’t too hungry and really only wanted the food that was in her hand. It was a close call, but that won’t stop her from continuing to share her adventures on her blog and Instagram pages.


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