Sexy Tips To Add Some Spice To Your Love Life

The meaning of life can be boiled down to three things: Eat, sleep, and procreate. We were put on this planet to explore each other and stimulate our senses. There’s no better feeling than to share a moment with your significant other (or others) when two people become one. Sex is beautiful, but it also doesn’t have to be boring.

Spending a lot of time with one (or more) people can get pretty monotonous, so it is important to change up the routine to add a little spice in the sack. Here are 10 tips for improving your sex life.

10. Your Deepest And Darkest Fantasies

The everyday sexual sayings can usually get pretty old really fast. “Oh, baby” and “give it to me” don’t really add any extra spice to the bedroom. Take some time with your lover and share your inner-most desires. If you can’t share your dream of dressing up in animal costumes and taking turns as the zookeeper with your lover, who can you share it with?

9. Aural Fixation

Light a few candles and put on a Barry White record to set the ultimate mood for a night of good vibrations. The right song can hurl you both into a whirlwind of sexual intensity. Now that the mood is right, head over to #8 for some substance-based stimulation.

8. Drunken Debauchery

Go out dancing with your lover and enjoy a few drinks. Pretend you just met at the club and have a one night stand because you “never do that.” Head home, put on a dirty movie and ravish each other. The adrenaline rush from dancing will add a whole new dynamic to you sex life.

7. Change Of Scenery

Doing the deed in the same place can get rather monotonous. Be a little bad and bring out your wild side. Take a drive to a deserted place and have some car sex or picnic sex. Be careful when trying to join the Mile High Club. It’s still illegal.

6. Toys R U

Don’t be afraid to have a toy chest ready for when you’re about to act on your carnal instincts. You might even discover some of those fantasies we talked about earlier. Toys can also be used for the activity in #5 so start making a list for your trip to the sex shop.

5. Light Bondage

A little BDSM never hurt anyone. Well, it never hurt anyone who had a viable safeword. Remember, your safeword should be distinct sounding so nothing that sounds like “truck” or “ear.” If you trust your companion then let them tie you up and break out the French tickler or the whip.

4. Free Your Fetish

Some of the most popular fetishes involve adults dressing up as babies, foot worship, voyeurism and exhibitionism, role-play, and domination/submission. Don’t be afraid to let loose and open your… mind. It’ll break up the routine. Just because you wear a onesie and like to get spanked doesn’t make you any less of a man.

3. Holiday Sex

There is no better time to let loose and explore your sexual fantasies and desires than on a vacation. Vacations give you the opportunity to enjoy sex in a new spot where nobody knows either of you. Explore your new surroundings and pop into a local shop to get ready for #2.

2. Play Dress Up

We’re not telling you to put on a full-blown animal costume. We’re not telling your not to put on an animal costume either. Removing all of your clothes right away can get old. Dress up in some sexy lingerie or pleasure your partner in a rented tuxedo with some silk boxers.

1. Create An Alter-Ego

A little bit of role play will get the creative juices flowing, to say the least. Try being a secret agent on a classified mission. Or she can be your professor who is going to make you earn that “A.” There’s no limit to the possibilities to get naughty time started off in the right direction.

There are a lot of different ways to change up your bedroom behavior and we think we’ve captured some important ones to give you and your lover a head start. Surely, you will be able to expand on them to come up with your own kinky rituals. We felt some of them shouldn’t be left up to beginners so we left them off the list.

Do you think we included some of the best ways to spice up your love life? What other things have you and your partner (or partners) tried? Let us know some of your best safewords!


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