This Sexual Medical Condition Is A Little Bit Like Sleepwalking

Accidents are a pretty common occurrence, especially for those of us who happen to be a bit klutzy. Whether it’s accidentally sending a sexy text to your mom that was meant for your girlfriend, or getting to the theatre and realizing the tickets you bought are for the next day, we’ve all slipped up from time to time.

But surely, having sex is something you actually have to do on purpose, right?

10. It’s Like Insomnia, But With Sex

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As it turns out, there’s actually a medical condition that can cause someone to have sex without them even knowing about it. It’s called sexsomnia, and although it sounds like insomnia, it’s technically quite a bit different.

Whereas insomniacs have a hard time falling asleep, sexsomniacs are so out of it that they’re able to engage in sexual activities without even being aware of it.

9. It’s Not As Rape-y As It Sounds

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Although it sounds kind of creepy (in a way, it sort of is), sexsomnia is totally innocent. It’s actually more like the person who has the condition has roofied themselves and is taking advantage of the person who’s completely sober.

Fortunately, sexsomnia typically only plays out in situations where the person is in a relationship because if the sexsomniac came onto someone who wasn’t a willing participant, they’d just end up being woken up.

8. It’s One Of A Long List Of Sleep Disorders

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Sexsomnia falls into a broad category of sleep disorders known as parasomnias. This class of disorders involves a number of different abnormal movements, perceptions, emotions, and behaviors, all of which take place while sleeping. Other examples of parasomnias include sleepwalking, teeth grinding, and night terrors, along with the terrifying sounding exploding head syndrome.

Other examples of parasomnias include sleepwalking, teeth grinding, and night terrors, along with the scary-sounding exploding head syndrome.

7. How Do You Become A Sexsomniac?


As with some of the other parasomnias, the cause of sexsomnia isn’t very well understood.

It is known that men are more likely to experience the condition than women (somehow, we don’t find that too surprising), although both can be affected. There are also some clearly known risk factors for sexsomnia, including sleep deprivation and drug and alcohol abuse.

6. What Do The Partners Think?

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Apparently, some partners don’t seem to mind their partner’s sexsomnia all that much. To be fair, there are worse things in the world than waking up to sex. However, some have commented that it can be somewhat creepy, as the sexsomniac will have sex with their eyes wide open and without blinking.

Do partners ever take advantage of the sexsomnia situation? Find out in the next slide.

5. When The Sexsomniac Is On The Receiving End

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Don’t think that it’s always the person with sexsomnia that initiates the sex session. In one study where sexsomniacs and their partners were recorded on video, the video footage showed that it was actually the patient’s wife who initiated the foreplay that led to them having sex while he was still asleep.

Clearly, this wife wasn’t complaining too much about her her husband’s condition.

4. Sexsomnia Has Been Used As a Criminal Defense


Although sexsomnia is a relatively recent condition, having only been officially been named in 2003, it’s already been used as a legal defense in criminal cases. In one case in Canada in 2005, an Ontario court acquitted a man of sexual assault on the grounds of “non-insane automatism,” also known as sexsomnia.

3. Can Sexsomnia Be Successfully Treated?


Although you may be asking why anyone would want to treat this condition if both partners aren’t complaining about it, the question does still come up as to whether the condition can be treated. The answer is yes, sexsomnia can be successfully treated with a combination of medication and therapy.

2. Sexsomnia In Popular Culture

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Although sexsomnia isn’t very widely known among the general population, it’s still made a number of appearances in pop culture.

The condition was featured in an episode of the TV medical drama House, where a woman who wasn’t knowingly sexually active became pregnant and found hickeys all over her body. Sexsomnia has also been featured in episodes of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit and Desperate Housewives.

1. How Do Sexsomniacs Feel About the Condition?

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You might think that sexsomniacs wouldn’t complain too much about the condition, and maybe they even wake up feeling extra refreshed and reinvigorated.

Unfortunately, that’s not actually the case.  In fact, sleep sex may often accompany relationship difficulties and feelings of embarrassment. Fortunately, as we’ve already seen, there are a few options available for people dealing with sexsomnia to help treat the condition.


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