This Virtual Reality ‘Sex Suit’ Lets Men Experience Real Sex .. ALONE !

Throughout history, it has been understood that sex is an activity for couples. The precise makeup of those couples may be fluid, but you need at least two to tango.

That is you did need two to tango. Now those incredible scientists in Japan have decided to cut that number down. They’ve invented a virtual reality sex suit which will allow the wearer to star in their favorite adult movies.

It may not be long before there’s no such thing as “date night,” at least if they can make the whole thing a little less creepy than it so now. You won’t believe how bizarre this contraption really is.

10. Virtual Reality

They say that this is the decade of virtual reality (VR). You can already buy VR headsets commercially to play games on. Of course, the fact they cost nearly $1,000 and the games have (so far at least) been rubbish is keeping them from becoming a common household item.

The missing ingredient for sales success may, however, be sex. Sex sells, right?

See how Japan is stepping up in the next slide.

9. Tenga Steps In

Tenga is a Japanese company that wants to add the “sex” to VR hardware. The Illusion VR Bodysuit is designed to completely replace the need for a human partner for sexual intimacy. It comes with an inbuilt masturbation device because sex isn’t sex without a climax, but it also has a few more surprises installed.

8. The Gentle Touch

The entire suit is designed for sensory stimulation. Not only does it stimulate the wearer’s penis, but it also gently caresses the wearer’s skin. This is to provide a feeling of intimacy and presumably to differentiate the robot suit from a more attractive sex doll which, to date, cannot cuddle you back.

7. The Not So Gentle Touch

In a bizarre nod to the need for tactile stimulation, the suit also comes with grope-able breasts. But because they haven’t looked at an actual woman, they decided to mount them on the wearer’s own stomach. A little weird, yes? Can’t say this thing is really educational!

6. It Comes With A Game

The virtual suit is currently only configured to work with a single porn PC game called “Sexy Beach.” The female avatars in the game can be customized by the player to their exact specifications – as long as those specifications include “looks like a cartoon character.” We imagine that future iterations will do a better job.

So how much will the VR suit set your bank balance back?

5. A Reasonable Price

The VR suit is a surprisingly reasonable $400 which is half the cost of a VR headset. Of course, it’s important to factor in the cost of embarrassment if your friends, neighbors, or family should pop ’round on a Sunday afternoon and find you wearing this device. That’s priceless.

4. The CEO Says It Is The Future Of Intimacy

Tenga’s CEO Tsuneki Sato says, “I think in the future, the virtual real will become more real than actual real sex.” We’re not entirely convinced if the Illusion VR Bodysuit is anything to go by. It has to be less painful to ask someone out on a date than to go and buy this in a store, doesn’t it?

3. A Better Way?

There is an alternative to the VR bodysuit. It’s also slightly less creepy. A company called CamSoda is proposing to launch a new porn service for the home this year and it’s likely to have a few people very excited indeed.

Do you remember meeting Princess Leia in Star Wars as projected by R2D2? That should give you an idea of what’s coming next.

2. Hologram Pornography

You don’t need to wear a silly suit in order to, ahem, get to grips with the joys of hologram porn. No more will you need to watch performers in 2D, you’ll be able to interact with real life projections of real life cam stars. All of this is thanks to CamSoda’s approach to VR.

1. Desktop Holograms

CamSoda says that it will supply you with a desktop triangular projector that you plug into your PC. They will then, once a week at first, beam a live lovely in 3D into your living room for you to have some “alone time” with. There will also be rather more expensive private sessions that you can buy.

We don’t think that real life women have anything to worry about just yet. We can see that one day there might be a market for VR sex toys but that will be when they’ve made them look a bit more natural than a giant sized gray garbage bag with glow in the dark breasts mounted on your stomach.

The holographic porn idea is definitely clever, but it doesn’t solve the need for actual physical interaction in the bedroom.

For the moment at least, these are likely niche products for very lonely men. However, in the future, who knows?


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