Sex Moves That Women Will Go Crazy Over—Just Be Gentle

In any long-lasting relationship, things can start to turn stale and monotonous. That includes your sex life, of course.

Luckily, our bodies can be lit up like new with the help of a few fun tricks. Pay close attention, because these moves will have your lady all over you.

10. A Little Dirty Talk Can Go A Long Way

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Women are suckers for the right words whispered into their ears. While those words may vary depending on mood and style, going into detail about what you’re about to do to her and the things you find amazing about her body are bound to get her squirming with desire.

9. The Magic Of The Surprise Quickie

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Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t take much to seduce a woman if you have the moves. The next time you see her looking particularly sexy, surprise her with a quickie in the heat of the moment. Leave her undies at her knees so she knows she is irresistible.

8. Pay Attention To The Neck

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The neck is an erogenous zone, so it’s no wonder that brushing your fingers, kissing, and even biting her there will quickly get her aroused. It doesn’t hurt to breathe softly into her ear while you’re doing it, either. Plus, this move combines perfectly with what comes next…

7. Know Exactly Where Her G-Spot Is

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Did you know the G-Spot is located two inches inside the vaginal opening? You better! Women can reach mystical, awe-inspiring orgasms when the G-Spot is touched (and don’t forget to kiss her neck, too!)

Make it easier to reach by raising her bottom with pillows placed under her butt.

6. Hair Pulling Isn’t Just A 50 Shades Myth


If you notice she wants it a little rougher during an especially steamy session, this is the time to pull her hair and get it even steamier. Don’t go too crazy and hurt her. Some gentle tugs will probably do the trick. That is, unless she asks for more…

5. Breasts Are More Than Foreplay Toys

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Stimulate a woman in a highly erotic way by touching and caressing her breasts, not just before sex, but during it. If she’s on top, cup her breasts in your hands. Use your mouth. Run your tongue around her nipples. Including a few soft nips will enhance her climax.

4. Speaking Of 50 Shades, Dominance Can Be A Huge Turn On


Many women are huge fans of dominance in the bedroom. Just make sure she is comfortable with it first. Pinning down her wrists and throwing her on the bed shows her just how badly you want her. You can even pair this with the next move to heighten it further.

3. Go Slowly If You Want Her To Beg For You

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Do everything slowly. Prolong foreplay. Making her wait causes her to want you even more. Try almost penetrating her, but stop at the very last second and kiss her. This move is a sure thing to drive her crazy and it’ll have her begging for you to be inside her.

2. Oral Sex Is Always The Answer


One of the fastest ways to get your girl to reach orgasm is oral sex. Remember that the area is highly sensitive, so soft licking and sucking go a long way. Vary your movements and pay attention to how she reacts. That’s how you know what is working best.

1. Don’t Leave Right Away When It’s Over


For women, sex includes intimacy, which includes staying and cuddling after the act, no matter what kind of relationship you have.

Enjoy that post-rush glow together and bond a bit. It will leave her feeling more satisfied with the encounter, and it may even lead to another round of action!


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