These Selfies Are Almost Perfect (Except For That Embarrassing Thing In The Background)

Selfies always start innocently enough. You prepare that perfect facial expression that you’ve mastered over the past few hours and work your arm around until you nail that “iconic angle” everyone desires so deeply. Finally, the moment has arrived where everything is exactly in place.

Snap. The deed is done. Your attention turns to the phone to admire your artistic mastery of the selfie. But wait. What’s that in the background? Sure enough, crazy Uncle Gunther is brushing his teeth in his underwear (again) and he just happened to “photobomb” your near-remarkable selfie.

If this scenario seems familiar to you, then you are not alone. There are thousands of examples out there of epic selfie fails and today, we are going to examine the 10 best of them. Number seven might just make you question humanity.

10. Pervert Caught “Red-Handed” In Selfie

What happens when you combine a selfie and a guy taking pictures up someone’s dress? This isn’t a puzzle here, folks. What you get is a pervert caught “red-handed” and a selfie for the ages. Let this be a lesson for any aspiring perverts out there. Someone is always watching. Even if they don’t mean to.

9. Cute Selfie Turns To Crap

Is there any better way to rack up the social media likes than with a baby selfie? Apparently, there is. This particular example combines a classic baby selfie with a perfectly placed dog in the background. Here’s where it gets good. Not only does it look like the dog is physically sitting on the babies head, but it’s even hunched over in that infamous “poop” position we all know and love.  This well-timed mistake was worth it though, for it’s easily one of the best selfie fails out there.

8. Muscle Man And His Mommy

Surely the intentions of this selfie were to intimidate. However, it’s a tad hard to elicit fear in your rivals when your have mommy in the background taking this muscle bound “selfie.” Also, what’s with the beanie indoors? His mom should have taught him better. The humor is just beginning here. Just wait until you read number seven.

7. Paris Hilton Gets Photobombed By Kangaroos

Paris Hilton is most famous for her leaked sex tape (and perhaps that small hotel chain her family owns) but now, she’s involved in a different kind of dirty act. Thanks to a couple of horny kangaroos, Paris Hilton’s cute selfie turned “X-rated” when two kangaroos started giving each other oral sex in the background. For once, Hilton was just trying to do something innocent but she just can’t shake her dirty past.

6. Team Celebration Gets Weird

This one requires a little bit of patience. With just a quick glance at this picture, you might just think it’s an athletic team celebrating some grand victory in the locker room. Look closer though. Look much closer. Yeah, there it is. Sorry, you had to see that. It’s like one of those trick paintings where once you see the trick image, you can’t unsee it. However, instead of a trick image, now you have a naked dude showering stuck in your brain. You’re welcome.

5. Drama Queen Desperate For Internet Points

Everyone has a friend like this woman. The drama queen who thrives on social media attention. Every day, she’ll post something unfortunate happening in her life just for some internet points. That makes it all the sweeter when they get caught in the act like this particular lady. For a second, she almost fooled us with that sad face stuck in traffic. Thanks to her sunglasses reflection though, the truth is revealed. Also, what is she doing taking selfies and holding a drink? Role model of the year right here, everyone. Take notes.

4. Technology Turns On Unsuspecting Boy

There are some people out there that truly think technology is out to get us. For those that are in denial, check out this selfie. Here, we have an unsuspecting teenage boy taking a selfie in front of a barn. Seems easy enough right? Well, it just so happens the camera had something else in mind. Instead of auto-focusing on the boy’s face (you know, like a camera should), it focuses on the rear-end of a horse situated in the background. If this isn’t technology’s idea of a prank, then what is? If you think that’s funny, then just wait until you see what’s in store for number one.

3. Sad Woman Pretends To Have A Boyfriend

Bust out the tissues for this one because it’s just plain sad. People pretend to have many things. Perhaps it’s a fancy job, a summer house in the Caribbean or the original leg lamp from A Christmas Story (nice try on that one Uncle Gunther). However, very few lie about their pretend boyfriends. Furthermore, very few catch themselves having a fake boyfriend. The picture says it all. Hopefully, your future is a little less pathetic than hers.

2. Psycho Killer In The Shower

Everyone knows the famous shower scene from Psycho, but very few people actually think it will happen to them. According to this picture, that’s exactly what’s about to happen. If you thought checking your shower before jumping in was unnecessary, it’s time to think again. Or you could just quit showering altogether. Yeah, that sounds like a better idea.

1. Selfie Inside Of A Selfie Fail

There are some selfies so complex, they rip the hinges off the very doors of perception we walk through every day. Does that sentence even make sense? No, but neither does this selfie. Here, we have a man, a dog, a mountain and a woman in the background taking another selfie. Looking closely, you can see her own face on the camera giving us a selfie Inception scenario. There’s a selfie, inside of a selfie, inside of another selfie. Who knows where it will end, but do you really want to stick around to find out?

Know any more epic selfie fails? Please share them in the comment section and tell all your friends!


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