Selfie Mania: 15 Celebrities Who Did It Wrong


These days, we’re accustomed to celebrities looking perfect in front of the camera. But the impact of social media has completely turned the tables on how A-list stars should genuinely appear to their fans. A majority of them are smart enough to hire social media experts to create memorable selfies, while others simply take snaps of themselves without even thinking of the backlash that will follow. In the midst of the hoopla surrounding selfies, it’s one medium that celebrities use to connect to their admirers. While celebrities
taking a shot of themselves are typically flattering, once in awhile, they wind up uploading a selfie that has gone horribly wrong. In the world of entertainment and social media, nit pickers would go on a frenzy to criticize or defend the supposed image. Others would drum up theories that try to explain why the selfie came to be.

Here are some famous celebs who should’ve thought twice before uploading these horrendous selfies online:

1. Tyra Banks

Batch 4- Selfie Mania- 15 Celebrities Who Did It Wrong- Tyra Banks

We all know Tyra is one of the many known supermodels in the world. But when you’re taking a selfie looking like an alien, it’ll creep out your fans. Bulging eyes, a huge forehead, and an alien shaped face? We have one phrase: Take me to your leader.

2. Katy Perry

Batch 4- Selfie Mania- 15 Celebrities Who Did It Wrong- Katy Perry

Katy felt like it’s a terrific idea to lay on a warm bathtub with a tray of pizza close to his chest. It’s an unsettling sight for pizza lovers who prefer to at least have their meal on the couch or table. But pizza on a murky bath water? That’s plain disgusting.

3. Kim Kardashian

Batch 4- Selfie Mania- 15 Celebrities Who Did It Wrong- Kim Kardashian


Kim is, unsurprisingly, a selfie fiend. Just about everything she does is uploaded on her social media accounts. But we felt this one didn’t make the cut given her untanned eye areas. But why take a selfie of them? Maybe she’s promoting a skin product or something?

4. James Franco

Batch 4- Selfie Mania- 15 Celebrities Who Did It Wrong- James Franco


James took a selfie of himself wearing eye pads to reduce wrinkles, puffiness, and dark circles under his eyes. It would’ve been better off if he had pineapple or cucumber slices over them since they’re natural and free of chemicals. But then again. He doesn’t care.

5. Blake Lively and Amber Tamblyn

Batch 4- Selfie Mania- 15 Celebrities Who Did It Wrong- Blake Lively and Amber Tamblyn

Blake is a big fan of vegetables. She’s also a fan of taking weird selfies of vegetables in her mouth. But based on this image, we’re not sure what she and her friend, Amber, shoved in their throats. And as for their horrified expressions? We’ll never know.