See How Much Jennifer Lawrence Has Changed In 18 Years


FeatuedJenniferLJennifer Lawrence is an Oscar-winning actress from Louisville Kentucky. She started in a small role on television but has worked her way into films where she’shad the opportunity to work with and mingle with countless other rich and famous people. It was even reported that she has become the highest paid actress of the year. It must be nice to be able to play the roles she does while maintaining the success that she has! She’s become a loveable icon to many people who enjoy her films and enjoy her in general. She’s definitely had a big transformation since she originally started her career. Click through to see just how much she’s changed!

#18 Just Getting Started On Bill Engvall

001--18-just-getting-started-on-bill-engvall-325959Jennifer Lawrence first got her start on “The Bill Engvall Show.” There she just played another typical teen. In this photo, you can see that she looks rather average compared to the beautiful actress we know her has today. But this is just her start, you won’t believe how far she has really come.
#17 Keeping It Classic At A TNT Party

002--17-keeping-it-classic-at-a-tnt-party-326413This photo of Jennifer was taken while she was attending a TNT party for one of their events. Already you can start to see how she’s growing from a teenager on television to a woman on film. She’s growing out her hair and seems to be losing the chunky highlight and over bronzed look.

#16 Rocking A Flower Crown

003--16-rocking-a-flower-crown-326013Jennifer hasn’t quite outgrown the teenage look just yet, however. Here she is seen still wearing a flower crown, something that you mainly see teens wearing throughout the summer. She is still just a young girl, and as someone who wants to remain in the limelight, it’s important to follow trends.

#15 Hollywood Awards Gala

004--15-hollywood-awards-gala-326032Here you can see how quickly she was able to grow out of that old style. She has long, voluminous hair for the Hollywood Awards Gala. It was important for Jennifer to transition out of TV and find her place in the world of critically acclaimed films. In order to do this, she needed to start taking her style more seriously…

#14 Palm Springs International Film Festival

005--14-palm-springs-international-film-fest-326051For the Palm Springs International Film Festival, you can see that Jennifer had decided to go for a more sleek and styled look, rather than the bouncy sexiness of her previous styles. She still isn’t afraid to show off a bold pattern on her tight fitting shirt dress, however.
#13 Big Bun At The SAG

006--13-big-bun-at-the-sag-326082The Screen Actors Guild Awards were one of Jennifer’s first prestigious award ceremonies that she would attend. Who would know that she would go on to be so successful in the Oscar world? She decided to keep it slicked back but still wasn’t afraid to rock a big and bulky bun.

#12 Classic At The Oscar’s

007--12-classic-at-the-oscar-s-326102Jennifer’s first time at the Oscars was definitely a big deal. This is where her career had the chance to either begin or end in utter disappointment. Lucky for her, this was just the beginning. She decided to keep it simple and classy with long wavy hair and a simple red dress.

#11 Dark At The Hunger Games Premiere

008--11-dark-at-the-hunger-games-premeire-326123For the start of her role as the famous Katniss on “The Hunger Games” franchise, Jennifer dyed her hair dark. Some actresses choose to wear wigs for their roles, but instead, Jennifer decided to dye her real hair and even wear it the same as the role outside of shooting!

#10 Back To Light At The Hunger Games Premiere

009--10-back-to-light-at-the-hunger-games-pr-326152Before the premiere of the first movie of the very successful franchise, Jennifer is seen back to her light locks. She probably decided she wanted to stay away from the character that she played on screen and get back to her own true identity. This is a very classic look that many people attempted to mimic at the time.

#9 Sleek At The Toronto Premiere

010--9-sleek-at-the-toronto-premeire-326193For the Toronto Premiere of “The Hunger Games,” Jennifer decided to go for a very sleek look. This look is much different from the ones that we’ve seen before. She decided to opt for a very fashionista look in order to stand apart from her character in the movie.

#8 Classic At The Film Critics Association Awards

011--8-classic-at-the-film-critics-associati-326226For the Film Critics Association Awards, Jennifer decided to go back to a very classic and innocent look. The crown braid is a look that is very complimentary to her facial structure, and the wispy pieces surrounding her face add an extra sweet look. But like the rest of her styles, this look wasn’t going to last…

#7 Simple At The Golden Globes

Jennifer went back to a very sleek and sophisticated look for her second time at the Oscars. Being nominated for multiple Oscars is serious business, and Jennifer wasn’t going to let some pieces of hair get in her way! Instead, she opted for slicked back hair, a very classic and chic look.

#6 She Chopped It All Off

013--6-she-chopped-it-all-off-326301Jennifer decided to partake in the trend that many celebrities at the time were doing: chopping all their hair off. Many other celebrities made headlines around the time that Jen went for the cut, a lot like Miley Cyrus. She even teased costar Liam Hemsworth about the similarities in her hair and the hair of his ex-lover, Miley.

#5 Still Sophisticated

014--5-still-sophisticated-326318Although Jen went for an edgy look by chopping all her hair off, she shows us that she can still be sophisticated. The slicked back hair gives her a very sleek look, and the high neckline on her dress really pulls the whole look together, much in contrast to her previous edgy look.

#4 It’s Growing Back

015--4-it-s-growing-back-326338Jen shows us that she doesn’t really plan on keeping the short hair for long, and is already seen growing it out less than a year later. That makes sense, however, as it seems as though many celebrities have seemed to go back to growing their hair out too. Some, however, decide to shave their heads recently. Might Jennifer be in on this trend?

#3 She Opts For A Weave

Nope! In fact, Jennifer decides to do the opposite! This picture was taken just a few months after the previous. It’s obvious that she is either wearing a wig or has decided to use some sort of weave or extensions. There’s no way that her hair could grow that fast! If it did, she better be sharing her secret soon!

#2 Icy Waves For A Modern Look

017--2-icy-waves-for-a-modern-look-326374Jennifer shows us that once again, she’s more of a trend follower rather than a trend setter. That’s OK, however, as these icy highlights are very in style at the moment. It seems as though she enjoys keeping a nice short bob, and we wonder how long she’ll keep the gray highlights in for?

#1 Always In Style

018--1-always-in-style-8db9417a3be5d752b611cb7bed36eb6bJust like the rest of the looks on the list, Jennifer has changed her hair yet again. Although it seems hard to keep up with Jennifer’s changing style, it seems as though she’s doing a great job in keeping up with the trends! We’re excited to see the future of her fashion!

Jennifer is one of those rare actresses that doesn’t come along quite that often. She has that timeless beauty that seems to be relevant no matter what decade it is. She has already had a greater career than some of us will ever be able to know in our lives. She’s made it clear that she’s talented at what she does, and no doubt is her future bright. It seems that no matter when it is, Jennifer knows how to stay in style. Not only do we look forward to what other movies she’s going to be doing in the future, but we’re also excited to see what other beautiful trends she’s going to be a part of!