Scientists Say The Greatest Sex Of Your Life Awaits You At This Age

Some of us experience great sex at a young age, but that is not the norm. There are so many factors that work together to improve the quality of sex, and it tends to get better as we age.

This year, a group of scientists organized a study aiming to prove or debunk the idea that our sexual peaks are mid-life.

The conclusion will shock you.

8. The Average Adult Has Sex This Much

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We’ll reveal the age of your sexual peak, but first, let’s look at some stats.

The average American adult has sex 2–3 times per month. This data applies to married and unmarried people. The National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior reported that 61% of singles and 18% of married couples haven’t had sex at all this past year.

7. What Matters Most When Having Sex

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According to the study, 96% of people surveyed feel sexually fulfilled when there’s a strong emotional connection between them and their partner.

In conclusion, having more sex doesn’t equal a happier life. Better sex, emotionally and physically, makes for a happier life.

Now on to some juicier stats…

6. What Your Brain Can Predict For Your Sex Life


Unbelievably enough, your brain can predict early on in life whether or not you’ll be sexually promiscuous. Certain sections of the brain when overactive, speak of a natural tendency to live impulsively.

Here’s another fun fact: a short ring finger indicates a genetic predisposition to fidelity. (Bet you’ll check out your partner’s hands now.)

5. Facts About The Science Of Attraction


Data shows that women have a positive attraction to strong-looking men because biology indicates that they have good immune systems. Men, however, can be highly attracted to scent—but not just any scent.

It’s actually musk! If you have a musky smell, it triggers the brain to think of sweat and bodies. Sounds like the gym is the perfect place to meet someone.

These next facts are for the virgins out there…

4. Facts That All Virgins Should Know

According to science, it’s better to wait to start having sex, because it’s not going to be very good too young.

17 is the average age most people have sex for the first time, but then it takes an average of 13 years for the quality of sex to improve.

3. The Most Sexually Satisfied People Live In These Three Countries

Third place goes to Italy, where sex is just as gratifying as food and wine. Italians believe that sex begins at the table.

Next up is Spain. 15,000 women all around the world were asked to describe their ideal lover. The result: Spanish men are the best.

Switzerland takes the win. Despite all its legalized brothels and very early sex education, Switzerland has the highest percentage of sexually healthy people. It also has one of the lowest teen birth rates in the world.

Now let’s talk about orgasms…

2. A Little Data On Orgasms

75% of men consistently experience orgasms during sex, compared to 50% of women. Women name stress as their #1 reason for not being able to relax their bodies enough during sex to allow more orgasmic experiences.

Now on to the grand reveal. At what age will your sexual pleasure peak?

1. There Are Three Waves

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Scientists in sexual health conclude that couples under 60 years of age will have the best sex of their lives in their early 40s.

Couples still sexually active after 55 will have another wave of good sex in their early 60s. But even crazier, “sexual survivors” who retain their drive past age 75 will experience the most gratifying sex of their lives in their early 80s.

That gives us all something to look forward to, right?


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