Scientists May Have Finally Cracked The Case Of The Bermuda Triangle


Legends of the Bermuda Triangle have been with us for decades. The Bermuda Triangle is a loosely-defined area in the North Atlantic Ocean where a number of planes and boats have disappeared under very mysterious circumstances. Whatever the reasons for the disappearances may be, the Bermuda Triangle is definitely one of the most feared and noteworthy areas on the planet. For decades, dozens of boats, ships and planes have gone missing, and no one has really figured out why. But recently, scientists may have finally discovered the secrets behind one of the most buzzed-about places in the world. Read on to see what they found!


#12 One of the Busiest Waterways Ever


As mentioned in the introduction, the Bermuda Triangle is famous for a wide variety of boats and planes going missing over the years. Unfortunately for many boats and other ships, the triangle falls right in the middle of one of the biggest and most heavily traveled shipping lanes on the entire planet.

#11 Famous Disappearances


Many planes and ships have disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle since the mid-1940s. Some stories are more famous than others. For example, the Marie Celeste, a merchant ship in the late 1800s, sailed throughout the Bermuda Triangle and was later discovered mostly intact, but without any sign of its crew.

#10 USS Cyclops


Another of the most famous and tragic disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle is the USS Cyclops. This Naval ship went missing without a trace and took its crew of 309 with it in 1918. This disappearance has been called the biggest non-combat loss of life event in US Naval history.

#9 It’s Not Only Boats That Are Disappearing


In addition to the large number of boats that have gone missing in the Bermuda Triangle, a number of military and passenger plans have also gone missing. In 1948, a Douglas DC-3 aircraft vanished without a sight and the 32 people on board were never heard from ever again.

#8 It’s Not Only Single Planes Going Missing Either


Entire fleets of planes have gone missing in the Bermuda Triangle. In December of 1945, Five Navy bombers were doing a routine exercise over the Triangle, and the men and their planes were never seen again. The disappearance has been ruled as a result of a loss of fuel, but it is fairly unlikely all five planes were low on fuel.

#7 Crazy Weather


A number of different powerful and unexpected storms have materialized in the Bermuda Triangle. The weather there can be terribly unpredictable and has cost the lives of thousands. The unstable weather conditions in the area could possibly explain why so many planes and ships have gone missing in the Bermuda Triangle.

#6 Odd Clouds


In 2016, scientists began to study up on strange hexagon-shaped clouds that have been appearing above the Bermuda Triangle. These clouds could perhaps explain why dozens of boats and planes have disappeared. This is because these clouds are linked to large bursts of winds that could easily take out boats and planes.

#5 Air Bombs


These large blasts of wind are known as “Air Bombs.” These can sometimes get up to 170 mph and are directly related to these strange clouds that are between 20 and 50 miles long. Microbursts of air can not only form these strange clouds, but also lead to unexpected hurricane-type winds in seemingly random spots.

#4 Gulf Streams


But in addition to these clouds, there are other probable theories as to why these planes and boats disappear. The Gulf Stream is a major surface current that goes throughout all the oceans in the world. The stream can reach up to 2.5 meters a second and could easily carry away boats in its current.

#3 Compass Issues


Another possible explanation is that the Triangle leads to issues for compasses on board boats and planes. People have thought for years that the Bermuda Triangle creates some strange magnetic forces that can negatively affect the usability of compasses. Nowadays GPS helps, but back in the day, a compass that stopped working would be a horrific occurrence.

#2 Gasses May Be Responsible


There has been said to be large fields of methane gas that exist on the continental shelves of the Bermuda Triangle. These gasses have been proven to be able to sink ships by decreasing water desnity around the boat. These events can be random and unexpected, which could explain some of the ships disappearing without a trace.

#1 All in all, Human Error Is Likely to Blame


This might be the simplest explanation of all, but also one that is perhaps the most likely. A large number of mysterious deaths and disappearances can be attributed to human error. In times of shock and panic, humans can sometimes make the wrong call and it can have terrible repercussions.

There you have it, throughout the article we took a look at a number of the most famous disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle and also looked at the potential reasons why. Different people are going to have different beliefs and thoughts about what happens here. But either way, there is no arguing that more mysterious disappearances happen here than anywhere else. However, it should also be considered that since there is a ton of boat and plane traffic in the area, it makes sense there are more disappearances. Despite this, the legend of the Bermuda Triangle is likely one that will live on for many more years.


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