Scandalous Photos and Facts Hillary Doesn’t Want You to Know


Hillary Clinton is a politician and nominee of the Democratic Party for President of the United States in the 2016 election. But before being nominated she served as the 67th United States Secretary of State from 2009 to 2013, junior United States Senator representing New York from 2001 to 2009, First Lady of the United States during the presidency of Bill Clinton from 1993 to 2001, and First Lady of Arkansas during his governorship from 1979 to 1981 and from 1983 to 1992. But despite all her achievements, she’s still abominable to a majority of the people. She’s had a couple of or more than a couple of scandals that she’s been involved in since before her political career started and they’re slowly being exposed right now. Let’s add her husband’s distasteful behavior that makes the public want to puke. This husband and wife is probably the most despised couple in the world but despite that they’re still in the limelight, especially Hillary. Read on to find her dirty little secrets.

15. Bill and Monicabill and monica

It seems like the photos of Bill and Monica will aways haunt Hillary. The two have been photographed in public a million times and the photos have been circulating the internet ever since. Once a photo is on the internet it’ll be in the public domain forever so Hillary has just got to live with that. After all, Monica isn’t the only woman linked to Bill Clinton.

14. Easily Distracted
hillary and christina

It looks like Hillary is having a good time with the superstar diva Christina Aguilera. She looked a little overwhelmed of the singer’s assets and was caught taking a peek at it up close. Maybe it was too much to handle for her. We wonder what was going on Hillary’s mind when this photo was snapped but we would all agree that it’s very unbecoming for a presidential candidate.

13. Hillary Talks to the Deadhillary talks to eleanor roosevelt

Hillary has always been open-minded and a radical thinker. So hearing that she actually consults the dead is not a far-fetched claim. The former first lady Eleanor Roosevelt and Mahatma Gandhi are just some of the famous deceased she’s talked to in the White House through medium and co-director of the Foundation for Mind Research Jean Houston. Bill Clinton even acknowledged these conversations in a 2012 speech:
“A special thanks to the members of the Roosevelt family who are here. And the one who is not, Eleanor, who made sure that the four freedoms were included in the preamble to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948. I know that because, as all of you famously learned when I served as president, my wife, now the secretary of state, was known to commune with Eleanor on a regular basis. And so she called me last night on her way home from Peru to remind me to say that. That Eleanor had talked to her and reminded her that I should say that.”

12. Friends Ever Since

hillary and trump


This photo of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump sure does say a lot. Since the presidential campaign started the two have been exchanging pretty harsh and intense words? Are they real? Maybe yes, maybe no. But in this black and white photo, it looks like that the two have been buddies for quite some time now. After seeing this long lost photo, will you still believe these two candidates? The decision is up to you.

11. Clinton and Putinclinton and putin

We’re not sure what these two leaders talked about but it sure looked like it went pretty well. Their firm handshake and friendly smiles say it all. This photo was taken way back in 2000 in Japan. The former president even praised the Russian president that he had “enormous potential” in a phone call with then-Prime Minister Tony Blair of Britain. Russia and America technically consider each other rivals so this one’s a little sketchy.

10. Bill and His Women
bill clinton women

And yet Bill strikes again. This is probably Bill’s favorite position, being flanked by young and gorgeous women. We can definitely see that he is having a good time. But we wonder where Hillary was during this time? We could only guess but we’re definitely sure that Hillary had another massive headache seeing this photo.

9. Experimental

Even in law school, Hillary had already a radical mind and strong beliefs. Here she is being interviewed and is voicing out her opinions. Her graduation speech and rejection of the senator’s call to stop protesting landed her a spot in a LIFE magazine profile of the class of 1969. She was even said to swing both ways. She was very fascinated with lesbianism during her college years. We’re not sure about that maybe we need to confirm that one with Bill.

8. She’s a Teasehillary and joe biden

Aside from being known to swing both ways back in her younger years, she is also known and seen to be playful and teasing to the opposite gender. Here she is photographed with Joe Biden sharing an intimate laugh. They could just casually laugh, but no, Joe’s hand was on Hillary’s shoulder which is totally unnecessary. We wonder what Bill would think this time?

7. Classified Emailshillary clinton email

In 2015, Hillary got involved in an email controversy while serving as United States Secretary of State. It was found out that she used her family’s private email server for official communication rather than the official State Department email accounts maintained on federal servers. Those official communications included thousands of emails that would later be marked classified by the State Department. The controversy was publicized during her current presidential campaign and she’s still being grilled about that.

6. V for Victoryv for victory

Hillary looks so happy here. She’s even game posing with these soldiers who looks very Middle Eastern. We wonder what Hillary was so happy about? If we see these men walking in the streets of America, people would probably run for their lives out of fear. But Hillary’s smile is very reassuring.

5. Real or Fake Smilehillary and palestine

Hillary has been vocal about her support for the Israelis on several occasions. But knowing how sketchy she is, this photo will not surprise you at all. As we all know, there could be a political agenda behind this one. Like everything else. Here, Bill and Hillary are all smiles with the father of Palestinian Revolution.

4. Bill and Billclinton and cosby

Bill Cosby has been under a lot of controversies these past few years. His image has been totally damaged and being seen or even associated with him isn’t so appealing. Even an innocent photo with him can land someone in trouble. Just like this one. Maybe, they’re giving each other advice? We’re all aware of their secrets.

3. Hillary and the Muslim Worldhillary and muslims

Hillary’s visit to Pakistan will forever haunt Republican voters. But it looked like everything went well and she was on her best behavior. No crazy smiles here. It was said that she won the hearts of many during this visit and even interacted with the students. We didn’t now Hillary was capable of doing that. But the Republicans are still not impressed.

2. K.S.A.hillary and saudi

Hillary’s close relation with the Government of Saudi Arabia had others speculating that they are the ones funding her presidential campaign. It’s not a far-fetched claim as we all know Hillary but of course who would admit to that claim? It’s all about political agenda. Money and power make the world go round.

1. Bill Strikes Again

eliabeth hurley and bill

And yet again, Bill is photographed getting cozy with another woman and this time it’s a celebrity. That looks more than a friendly kiss and there’s no need to hold her hands in a loving way, right? This photo is too sweet to be just a casual greeting. We’ve never even seen Bill and Hillary this sweet. Another headache for Hillary but she’s probably too busy with other things.

Now that we know some of Hillary’s secrets, what do you think of her? Is she suited for presidency? You decide but she’s done a lot of sketchy things even way back her college years. Who knew that used to swing both ways? We’re not sure if she still does today but she’s one radical thinker. We’ll her that and she speaks her mind.