You Saw Mama June Lose Tons Of Weig...

You Saw Mama June Lose Tons Of Weight, Now Find Out How She Did It

Mama June (real name June Shannon) stunned fans when she recently dropped tons of weight. We’re talking major weight loss here… like hundreds of pounds. The reality star first made a name for herself alongside her daughter on the show Toddlers & Tiaras and then landed the family spin-off Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.

But her new show Mama June: From Not to Hot showcases a totally different side and size of the woman. She managed to go from 460 pounds to a size four.

The question is… how exactly did she do that? Read on to find out.

10. She Dropped The Junk Food

Of course, Mama June had to drastically change her diet to start the weight loss process. She traded in her old staples of snacks like cheese balls and started making healthier choices. Mama June was aware that some of her food choices just didn’t hold a place in her future.

9. She Started Working Out

In addition to eating healthier, Mama June also had to start working out. After she had dropped a few pounds on her own she decided to undergo bariatric surgery. When she recovered from that she started working out with a trainer three days a week and dropped the rest of the weight.

8. She Dropped Drinking Soda

Drinks are just as crucial to monitor as food, if not more. Mama June cut out soda entirely before she changed the rest of her diet. Her daughter Pumpkin was in a car accident and suffered a brain injury, and was told by a neurologist not to drink soda anymore. Mama June heard the message as well. Read on to hear what other food she gave up.

7. She Stopped Emotional Eating

Mama June admitted that she had some emotional eating issues, which can make it really hard to make healthy choices. She came to terms with it throughout her process, and the results she started to see helped her remain committed to the goal of getting healthy both emotionally and physically.

6. She Remained Patient

Mama June was aware that it was going to be a process losing that much weight, and she stayed as patient as possible throughout the process. “Take it one day at a time. Don’t ever give up. You don’t have to be perfect, just take it at the pace you want to. It’s all in moderation, especially the eating!”

5. Smart Food Swaps

Mama June didn’t just drop all the junk food, she made healthy swaps that aim to keep her on track. She started eating grapes instead of potato chips and watermelon in place of other sweets. She was glad to find that her children enjoyed eating the fruit as well.

4. A Dash Of Revenge

Mama June said that her main motivation for dropping the weight was to get back at her ex-husband Sugar Bear. When Sugar Bear broke the news to her that he was marrying a new woman, Mama June decided to get in shape and show him what he would be missing.

3. Intense Commitment

Mama June made a huge commitment to losing the weight and it shows. On the finale of her show, she said that “I’ve worked my [expletive] off working out, getting healthy. And now I feel like becoming the person on the outside that I always felt like on the inside.”

2. Skin Removal Surgery

Losing as much weight as Mama June did means that there’s going to be some excess skin hanging around on the body. She went down hundreds of pounds on the scale, and since the skin was stretched out it won’t necessarily snap back into shape on its own. A little extra surgical help was a part of the process.

1. Scale Obsession

Mama June has admitted to being a little crazy with the scale. “I know myself — I’m never going to go back to what I was before. It’s all about maintaining. I’m kind of obsessed with the scale, and beating myself up even if I gain a few ounces or a pound.”

Mama June’s weight loss is certainly amazing and somewhat shocking. To an outsider, the process of slimming down a fraction of her former size looks like it happened quickly, although we know from her comments that it was an incredible amount of hard work. Mama June’s intentions might have been simply to get back at an ex with her revenge body, but in the process, she also managed to get healthier and boost her self-esteem. Share this post with anyone who could use a boost of motivation toward reaching their goals or for the Mama June fans out there.


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