Savvy Shopping: 12 Things you shoul...

Savvy Shopping: 12 Things you should always get from the Dollar Store!

If you haven’t checked out your local dollar store yet, you are truly missing out on something special. These dollar shops give you a Savvy Shopping chance!

Today, chain dollar stores such as Dollar General, 99 Cents Only and Dollar Tree keep popping all around the country. And they generally became neater, organized better and their products’ quality got higher. While not all items sold at dollar stores are a dollar, many products are priced up to 70 percent less than the prices found in drugstores and supermarkets.

Here’s a tip, if you really want to save money through Savvy Shopping and make the most out of your cheap shopping trip at a dollar store – bring a list and stick onto it. Although most of their items just cost a dollar, overspending still happens without you even realizing it. So we’ve made a list of 12 great dollar store finds you should include into your list!

1- Seasonal Decorations


Seasonal decoration
Christmas Decorations

First up on the list are seasonal decorations! Why will you spend more at a party supply or shopping store if you can save up to 70% at a dollar store for holiday items that will only be used once a year? You’d be surprised by the nice home and holiday decorations you can find in dollar stores. Christmas tree ornaments, candles, frames, and crafts. At only $1 each, you can afford decorating your entire house.

2- Bath and Beauty Products


Bath and Beauty Products

A good way to save money is by buying personal products like shampoos, conditioners, shaving creams, toothpastes and deodorants on your local dollar store. They often work as well as the branded and way expensive ones. You can save up to $2 a bottle on shampoo alone. According to Consumer Reports, expensive shampoos do not improve hair any better than store-brand shampoos. And for those who love to pamper themselves, there are also scented soaps, bath oils, and salts. List of more Savvy Shopping at $1 shops is at next page!

3- Cleaning Products


Cleaning Products

Feel free to stock up your household with cleaning products from the dollar store. The ingredients in most cleaning products are essentially the same so generic cleaning products are just as good as the branded ones. Though they may be slightly diluted, keep in mind that you’re still only spending $1 each item so you can afford to use an extra drop or two to compensate. While you’re in that aisle, pick up some sponges, dishcloths, towels, and brushes.


4- Socks



Whether for the gym or daily wear, ultra-soft socks seem to be a big thing lately and dollar stores have them in a rainbow of colors and in all sizes. Just evaluate them as you would on any other clothing item. Most of them are warm and comfortable to wear and have good quality. For just $1 a pair, it is a great deal considering how quickly your socks wear out or get lost. Savvy Shopping continues on the next page!

5- Greeting cards


Greeting Cards

Dollar store offers a wide variety of greeting cards that covers up just about every major occasion. And for a dollar, you can buy two greeting cards already! Imagine that, you can save $2 to $4 per greeting card. These cards may not have any glitter or audio, but as long as your message comes from the heart, it shouldn’t matter.

6- Gift Bags and Gift Wraps


Wrapping Sheets

It is outrageous how much the gift wraps cost now. You’ll spend about $5 on a roll of paper that will only be ripped off after. Good thing, dollar stores have really nicely decorated bags and gift wraps for all occasions. You’ll save money in this Savvy Shopping plus it’s not that painful to see your $5 wrapper get annihilated. Go to next page for more tips on Savvy Shopping.

7- Storage/Containers


Jars and Containers

At big stores like Walmart and Target, storage containers price starts at $5 apiece. At a dollar store, you can already purchase five different containers for that same price! They can usually be bought in packs as well which will save you even more cash. They have a decent selection of reusable and unique storage items from plastic bins, food storage and glass jars and they’re perfectly safe for your home. Their mason jars which can be hand-painted or decorated then filled with gift items like candies or homemade cookies are one of the favorites around the holiday seasons.

8- Spices

Another best finds in Savvy Shopping at a dollar store are spices! You can stock up your kitchen with large containers of your basic kitchen spices such as basil, chilli powder, cinnamon and parsley for a dollar each.

9- Party Supplies


Party Needs

Make every single party you host legendary without spending too much. Go to your dollar store and you’d be pretty ecstatic on how many and how fancy their party supplies are! From themed designs, balloons to tissue paper, disposable utensils and straws. And while you’re there, pick up some party props and games that can spice up your party even more! This is a must have for parties, and you can get them through your Savvy Shopping experience.

 10- Hair Accessories
Hair Accessories

Consider how many times you’ve lost your hair accessories like hair elastics, barrettes and even combs. Why will you pay $7 or if you can buy them for just a dollar? They’re just practically the same as they’re all usually made out of the same materials. So instead of going to Claire’s, go to your local dollar store now and start stocking up with your hair supplies. They have a decent and cute selection of hair elastics, headbands, hair clips, barrettes, and combs.

11- Candy/Snacks
Snacks and Candies

Movie candies alone cost $7 each. You’ll save a ton of money if you just get your fav snacks and candies at your local dollar store and just bring some to the movies. They carry a huge assortment of snacks, nuts and candies for just 50 cents each. Be sure to always check expiration dates. This shopping has to be a part of your list in Savvy Shopping.

12- Kitchen and Tableware
Kitchen and Tableware

Other items to add in your list are kitchen items and tableware. It’s hard to beat dollar store’s cooking and serving utensils for price. Their selection may change from time to time, but you can always find matching spatulas, spoons or plates. Their products are dishwasher safe and heat resistant. They also have good quality glasswares and you can have your pick of different styles and sizes. If you’re looking to add a few glassesr plates to your cupboard, your money goes a long way here. While you’re there, you may want to pick up some cool kitchen gadgets like egg slicers or timers.

Start making your shopping list now and be sure to stash your cart with these great dollar store finds we snagged especially for you. See for yourself that your money goes a long way at dollar stores. Happy Cheap Savvy Shopping!



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