Satisfying Tales Of Internet Revenge That Are So Sweet (And Hilarious)

It’s been said that “revenge is a dish best served cold,” but sometimes it is quite satisfying when it is served a little lukewarm, too. Thanks to the Internet, we all get to enjoy in other people’s sweet, sweet revenge.

The world is packed full of clever ex-boyfriends and girlfriends and we thank them for sharing the following stories (especially #3, MY GOD).

10. Bros Before Hoes

This poor guy found out the girl he just slept with had a boyfriend after the fact. It wasn’t necessary for him to let the unsuspecting boyfriend know, but he had integrity. He also put a note in the last place she would look. Find out what happens when you try to make fun of someone for being smart in #9.


9. Smart-Shaming

Smart shaming someone is never a good idea. If you’re that jealous of their hard work and dedication to education, you should probably just stop showing up for class. That’s exactly what this girl did and we’d be surprised if she showed her face in class again.

8. Bus-ted!

No one likes drivers who feel as if they own the road. It’s even worse when people are inconsiderate in a parking lot. This guy thought parking in not just one, but two bus stalls would be a good idea. He was wrong. He’s probably friends with the trash man in #7.

7. Human Piece Of Garbage

Before you decide to dump your trash in the middle of a public place, you might consider making sure you can’t be identified. This numbskull included a lot of his mail in the heap. So when a random Samaritan finds the garbage he returns it to his rightful owner.

6. Some Neighborly Advice

Living in an apartment complex can be pretty, well… complex. Taking your neighbors into consideration is especially important in such close quarters. The laundry room is the one place where we should work together. Move on over to #5 to see what families should be working together no matter what.

5. Grandma Is Vicious!

Before you start fighting over your inheritance you might try spending some quality time with grandma. This nana was fed up with her kids bickering about her money before she passed away so she did something about it. This ad was placed in as many magazines as she could find.

4. Puppy Poop Revenge

Leaving a dog in a car is not only cruel, it’s illegal. Even if it’s a cool day, locked cars are not a place for a living animal. This dog completely gets it. He’s not the only puppy to exact revenge on a human who did him wrong. The next one brought friends in #3.

3. Mess With The Wrong Street Gang

Animal abuse is simply uncalled for. Mainly because animals are considered poor and defenseless. Not this canine. When a stranger kicked a random stray dog he didn’t run off in fear. He ran off to collect his friends. The pack returned and did some damage to the man’s car.

2. Public Shaming At Its Best

Some people are really bad at being unfaithful. It’s a good thing they are cheating on creative girlfriends or else the rest of the world wouldn’t get to enjoy the revenge as a community. A smart and creative ex-husband had the best revenge using a remote to his smart home in #1.

1. Best Served Cold

When your wife is addicted to spending money, it can ruin the relationship. After this couple’s divorce, the man was left with practically nothing. The only thing he had was control of her remote air conditioning unit. Now he spends his days ensuring she wakes up every winter morning in Ohio to a 40-degree house.

There are thousands of additional examples of sweet revenge available on the Internet. Hopefully, this gave you some good ideas in case your loved one decides to test your resolve by lying and cheating. We also learned that canines have a conniving way of getting back at humans who do them wrong. Some people will never learn their lesson and it is up to people like these brave souls to keep them grounded.

Either way, did these examples make you feel satisfied? Can you think of a time you got back at someone who totally deserved it? Share your stories of sweet revenge!


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