Are You Having The Safest Sex Possible? Everyone Should Be Doing These 12 Things

Sex can be such a taboo subject, making it difficult for people of all ages to get accurate information. When it comes to sex, there are so many false truths out there resulting in a lot of confusion. Sex should be fun, enjoyable for everyone, and most of all, safe.

While some of these rumors may sound almost laughable, for those with little-to-no experience, getting the right information is crucial. There are no boundaries when it comes to getting the right sex education and safe sex is a lot more than strapping on a condom (although that is part of it too!).

No matter what level of experience you’re at, everyone should practice the following 12 pieces of advice to ensure the safest sex possible!

12. Keep It Clean

Both the male and female genitalia require grooming just like the rest of your body. So make sure to clean up, down, and below to avoid infections from developing or worse, spreading.

Make sure to stick to a mild soap or products made for cleaning the genital area. Avoid using harsh cleansers or deodorants as they can cause unwanted irritation.

11. The Pullout Method

Way too many people think that relying solely on the pullout method is enough. It isn’t. For every complaint that condoms are uncomfortable, or birth control hormones are too harsh, the reality is an unwanted pregnancy is bound to cause more turmoil in your life than some lubricated latex.

The truth is, men do not have control over all of the liquid that leaks out, and it is completely possible to get pregnant despite pulling out prior to the grand finale.

10. All Night Long

Despite popular belief, sexual enjoyment has nothing to do with the amount of time but more so with how the time is spent. When it comes to sex, quality is better than quantity, so instead of stressing out about making it last, focus more on making it enjoyable for both you and your partner.

9. Pregnancy And Periods

This is a tricky one. It is important to remember that every woman is different, and every cycle is different. For those with a shorter cycle, yes, it is possible to get pregnant while menstruating. Here’s why.

A woman can only become pregnant during the ovulation period of her cycle. However, sperm can live in the vagina for up to five days. That means if a woman has a short cycle and a long period, ovulation can occur within the time period resulting in pregnancy.

Always use birth control no matter what time of the month it is.

8. Bleeding After Losing Virginity

Many women have spoken out about bleeding when they lose their virginity, but that does not happen to everyone. Bleeding occurs when the hymen is broken, but it is possible for this to happen way before the first time having sex.

It can break without women even knowing, from using tampons, non-penetrative sexual acts, or even riding a bike. So if there is some bleeding, don’t worry! It is normal, and if you don’t bleed, that is normal too.

7. Don’t Be Embarrassed To Ask For Help

Therapy is another taboo subject. Couple that up with sex and you have the perfect recipe for an uncomfortable conversation. But it doesn’t have to be!

Relationships take work, and sometimes having an expert’s opinion can help. There is not much a sex therapist hasn’t heard, so don’t worry about sharing any graphic details.

6. Time To Put Those Masturbation Rumors To Rest

When it comes to masturbation, the rumors list is a mile long. The moral of the story is this: no, you will not grow hair on your hands, go blind, or become impotent.

Masturbation is a great, healthy stress reliever and most of all it is totally 100% normal. It is also a great way to discover what you do like, because if you don’t know, how do you expect your partner to?

5. It Only Takes One Time

Each individual time a person has sex is the exact amount of time it can take to get pregnant or to get an STD.

The number of experiences does not matter. What matters is how sex is performed. If you have intercourse without any protection, you are at risk of STDs and pregnancy whether it is the very first time or the 1,000th time.

4. Menopause Changes Things

Sex is for adults of all ages, so despite being experienced, sometimes there are new things to learn. For women who have hit the menopause period of their lives, in addition to hot flashes, there can be sexual discomfort.

One of the side effects of the changes in the sex hormones is it can become drier down there. However, instead of swearing off sex forever, grab some lubricant. It is important to get to know your body at all stages of life and know what is normal and what isn’t.

3. Check The Dates

Condoms, like most other items, have an expiration date. The shelf life of a condom can range from three to five years, and if used after the expiration date, it can be much less effective.

Over time, the condom itself can break down which will result in a greater likelihood of a broken condom during intercourse.

2. Wash Out The Pregnancy

It is actually impossible to wash out the sperm following intercourse. It will not matter if the water is cold, hot, or if a douche is used. Sperm are quick swimmers, and while cleaning out the vagina immediately after sex may eliminate some of the sperm, it will not clear out anywhere close to all of it.

Using a form of birth control is the best way to prevent an unwanted pregnancy while sexually active.


Seriously. Everyone should be enjoying it. If it hurts or becomes uncomfortable, speak up. No matter what society tells you (especially you ladies out there), sex should be just as enjoyable for you as it is for men (go big – make it even better!).

So make the most of it and jump in!

The more you know, the more you can relax when it comes to enjoying sex. Sex is a major responsibility and it is important to make sure both you and your partner feel comfortable. By practicing safe sex and being informed about what the truth is, it makes it easier to prevent STDs and pregnancy.

Sex is a major part of life within relationships and open communication and factual know-how are two important ways to erase the discomfort and taboo approach many have towards doing the deed.

Know your body and your limits, and most importantly, if you are unsure of something, ask. Sex has too many factors to it to just guess or wing it.


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